Safe storage for the long run

We design for long-term safety and sustainability. With experts located on six continents, we bring worldwide experience in all phases of design and implementation for tailings management projects. We believe tailings management is critical. It’s a core service, and we have experience under a variety of climatic, social, environmental, and regulatory conditions. Our experience in tailings allow us to provide a full spectrum of tailings solutions including Engineer of Record (EoR) services.

Webinar: Cerro Verde Mine Tailings Storage Facility

Senior Vice President, James Obermeyer summarizes the collaborative design and construction process of a new tailings storage facility at the Cerro Verde mine that took place from 2008 to 2015.

Engineer of record services

Our work is done to the latest standards in the tailings community. This includes guidance from groups like the Global Industry Standard on Tailings Management, International Council on Mining & Metals, Mining Association of Canada, International Organization for Standardization, or International Committee on Large Dams. We specialize in gap analyses to get sites up to the “new standards,” and have the track record to serve as a trusted advisor for any tailings project.

Day to day operations

We serve clients throughout the life of the mine, including operational services to reduce both costs and risks. Core operational services include engineer of record services, engineered risk assessments, life cycle analyses, and water and energy audits.

Reduce risks

Industry trends—towards risk mitigation, water conservation and the increasing importance of the social license to operate—present tailings storage challenges. In some cases, the adoption of alternative tailings disposal methods, such as thickened, paste, filtered, or tailings and waste rock co-disposal may be the solution.

Can 'alternative tailings disposal' become the norm?

New technology promises to reduce water, create a smaller environmental footprint, and reduce long-term risks for mines. But can alternative tailings disposal become the norm? Read More
We design with safety and sustainability in mind for the long run
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Stantec has tailings and waste experience on six continents.
Corporate Knights Global ranked us among the top 1% in the world on sustainable performance (2022).


Mine Power Whether you are designing a new project or expanding your operations, we can assess your power needs, and design a system that meets your requirements, and is adaptable to long-term plans.
Hydrogeology & Geochemistry We have the experience and technical skills to evaluate, design, and build water treatment systems that are tailored to the unique factors of your mine.
Material Handling Systems Whether you're mining underground or at the surface, we can help you move materials important to your operation.
Mining - Environmental Services By understanding your goals and the needs of regulators and stakeholders, we can put together a strategy that is balanced for success.
Mine Ventilation Systems One of our most important roles when ventilating an underground mine worker safety: making sure airflow is sufficient in quantity and quality.
Shafts & Hoisting Systems We have skilled shaft and hoisting experts who will work with you to tailor designs to meet your needs.
Mine Water Treatment We have the experience and technical skills to evaluate, design, and build water treatment systems that are tailored to the unique factors of your mine.

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