Smart Cities

The smartest cities put people first

Say “smart cities” and most people think technology—the internet of things, apps, AI, and 5G. We think people. We see how technology can be a tool to deliver the outcomes our communities need, like reducing the impacts of climate change, driving equity and inclusion, building a robust knowledge economy, and realizing carbon reduction targets. All in service of making cities—and citizens—vibrant, healthy, and resilient.

The rapid pace of change as technology integrates with the built environment doesn’t have to be overwhelming, with the right partner by your side. Our approach to smart planning and design isn’t just to implement the latest tech trend, but to understand the needs of your community and identify the right solutions to achieve your goals.

An integrated approach to smart planning and design

In a truly connected community, intelligence is measured through integration. While smart solutions can enhance performance within a single system—like utility infrastructure, mobility, or wireless communications—the greatest results are when those systems are planned and designed to work together. We don’t approach any challenge from one perspective, and we draw on our multidisciplinary experts to solve these challenges together

Building your smart city roadmap

Your journey to becoming a smart community starts with one important question: what goals are most important to you? To build your smart city roadmap, we’ll work with you to answer that question, understanding the challenges you face and what trends and disruptive technologies are likely to have the greatest impact. By gaining a clear picture of today, we can build the steps to get you to a smarter tomorrow.

Smart cities are sustainable cities

The environmental challenges impacting our communities are increasingly complex, and building a resilient future requires a variety of strategies. Whether you’re looking to use resources like power and water more efficiently, reduce harmful emissions, or be prepared for extreme weather events, technology-integrated infrastructure can help get you there.

Effectively collecting and leveraging data

There’s no end to the data that can be collected in our communities—pedestrian and vehicle patterns, trash bin weights, microclimate temperatures, energy and water resource consumption, building occupancy—the real challenge is not being overwhelmed by it. Putting data to work for you means taking time to interpret which streams of information are pertinent and using that data to achieve meaningful outcomes.

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