Smart Cities

  • Sidewalk Toronto, Master Innovation & Development Plan

    With an innovative rethinking of urban infrastructure, our team is helping create a climate-positive, people-focused community

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  • Evolv1

    Building a business case for net positive energy—energy management at its best

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  • Canadian Supercharger Network Deployment

    Quick charging for electric vehicles

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The smartest cities put people first

Say “smart cities” and most people think technology—internet of things (IoT) sensors, apps, AI, and 5G. We think people. We see how technology can be a tool to deliver the outcomes our communities need like reducing the impacts of climate change, driving equity and inclusion, building a robust knowledge economy, and realizing carbon reduction targets. All in service of making cities—and citizens—vibrant, healthy, and resilient. Our approach to smart planning and design isn’t just to implement the latest tech trend, but to understand the needs of your community and identify the right solutions to achieve your goals.

Smart Mobility

From automated vehicles to e-scooters, bikeshare to public transit, advances in technology are providing our communities with a myriad of mobility options that can improve connectivity, safety, and reliability. Our focus is on prioritizing people and making their destination—work, home, school, play—easy to reach. We do this by looking at the larger mobility ecosystem so that the many options available work together and create communities that are economically vibrant, accessible, and sustainable. View More

Smart Utilities

Communities thrive on productive, resilient systems for distributing power and water and collecting waste. New digital technologies are enabling utilities to extract greater information and efficiencies from legacy infrastructure. This enhances decision-making with cost-effective solutions while realizing benefits in weeks or months. We’ve helped hundreds of communities modernize their services toward smarter, more efficient utility services. The result? Lower costs, reduced carbon, less waste, better service, happier constituents.

Smart Public Spaces

As cities and suburbs grow denser, public spaces—like parks, plazas, and streets—have become critical components in building community. The result? Emerging public realm tech applications. Smart sensors help us understand popular uses and prioritize maintenance. Solar panels collect energy while providing shade. Smartphones become paintbrushes for interactive public art. With each application creating an opportunity for engagement and social impact, making public spaces smart may be one of the smartest moves a community can make.

Smart Buildings

As the building blocks of our communities, we see opportunities to make the places where we live and work, smarter and more sustainable—better places for people. Whether designing a net-zero or net-positive structure or enhancing user experience, it all begins with technology. Networked sensors and controls can fine-tune operating performance and integrate security behind the scenes. For your occupants, adjust interior conditions for maximum comfort using custom climate and lighting controls—giving users a personalized experience.

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