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    Reducing flood risk, slowing land subsidence, and encouraging neighborhood revitalization

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  • Inner Loop East Transformation Planning and Design

    By reestablishing the original city grid, our design reconnects neighborhoods while improving mobility, safety, and aesthetics

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    Providing the best opportunity for continued redevelopment and economic growth

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Creating better mobility options

When you start with the end goal in mind, you create meaningful change. The end goal? Better and smarter choices for how people get around their communities: be that four wheels, two wheels, or two feet. We work with clients to design and integrate transit, vehicle, bicycle, and pedestrian modes that provide smarter mobility choices.

From planning to design to construction, our Complete Streets & Active Transportation team’s proactive approach leads to greater involvement from everyone touched by these projects. We’ve contributed grant writing and run bicycle safety workshops for communities, showing that we’re active participants in the communities we serve. 

Promoting a healthy lifestyle and improving overall mobility enhances the vitality of a community. We center designs that give people those improved options through aesthetically pleasing infrastructure—whether we’re designing a complete street, a pedestrian trail, a bikeway, or a bus rapid transit corridor.

In our hands, concepts and ideas turn into one-of-a-kind realities that change lives and communities for the better. 

The why and how of complete streets

Streets aren’t just about cars anymore. Join Stantec’s Mike Rutkowski and Craig Lewis as they explain the shift to people-oriented design, which accommodates people, bicycles, and transit, as well as cars.

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Ryan Martinson

We all need to move around our cities to take advantage of what they offer us in terms of living, working, playing, and learning. With our cities growing, our transportation systems need to grow as well. And that’s why cycle tracks are so great. Check it out!

Rock Miller

Cycle track is a relatively new form of bikeway that is being built in urban areas, particularly in downtowns. It’s basically a reassigning the way the street is used to dedicate some space for bicycles in addition to the space for cars, and one of the most important features of it is there’s some kind of a physical separation between the bicyclists and the cars.

When you ride a bicycle in a facility like this it feels a lot more comfortable to people riding a bike, so people who are nervous about riding in a city will ride in a facility like this.

Ryan Martinson

As I travel through downtown Calgary, there’s a lot of people moving around by different modes. It’s busy, but everyone’s getting around safely. This is something we had to consider when we were planning and designing the cycle track network. So why aren’t more people doing this? Well like everything, there’s challenges.

Rock Miller

We’ve heard a number of people, particularly people that are used to commuting by cars express a lot of concern over taking away the lane of traffic. Another issue of concern that we’ve heard from a number of people is that it basically has resulted in some loss of parking along the street.

One of the things the City did to address the parking shortage is survey nearby streets and they actually found places where they could provide some additional parking and they’ve actually come up with a net increase of about 100 stalls total for the overall project area.

The bicycle traffic to the downtown has been increasing, the car traffic has actually been decreasing, and the City’s really established a lot of goals to increase bicycling and decrease single occupant car traffic in the downtown.

Don Mulligan

To be a great city, you’ve got to take some risks, you’ve got to go out on a limb, you’ve got to try new things, and lots and lots of people are resistant to change. You can give them some comfort by saying “it’s a pilot, we’re going to try it, it’s not permanent, if it doesn’t work we can either adjust it or abandon it…” And so there’s a huge power in creating a pilot project that is truly a test.

Ryan Martinson

So clearly there are a lot of challenges with implementing cycle tracks. Why bother?

Don Mulligan

When we ask people “why cycle?” the vast majority say “for exercise”, but it's not just about exercise, it's about a whole new lifestyle.  I've been to many other cities all over the world and the cities that are best at cycling, people use it for everything. It becomes their way. We call it "All day, all purpose trip". So, it's not just about going to school or going to work. It's going to visit friends, it's going to get groceries, it's going out at night.

Ryan Martinson

So they’re an all-around good idea, so how can other communities get started, and who can help?

Rock Miller

Stantec has helped cities implement cycle tracks in many communities throughout the US and Canada. We know it’s worked where it’s been done in cities before, and we have no doubt that it’s going to be working here. And the early returns really are confirming that already.

Ryan Martinson

So give us a shout if you want to learn more about cycle tracks in your town.

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Glen Innes to Tamaki Drive Shared Path (Section 1)

Auckland residents on the move with newest cycle trail. Read More

It takes a village

When a bypass leads to dramatic change in local traffic patterns, Stantec’s Mike Rutkowski leads a charrette-based planning process to help Rolesville, North Carolina residents re-envision their main street.

We make the most of developing techniques to enhance your existing infrastructure.
Miles of Bikeways
Miles in NYC

Stantec has over 500 miles of bikeways in planning, design, and construction in the Northeast alone.
We designed 5.4 miles of urban boulevard in downtown NYC.
Expert Spotlight

Liza Cohen, Senior Associate

I believe that good transportation planning gives people options, not a one-size-fits-all solution.

Dan Hemme, Transportation Planner

Transportation isn’t just about moving from Point A to Point B, it’s an experience unto itself—it opens up a world of possibility.

Craig Lewis, Principal, Planning and Urban Design Co-leader, Urban Places

To build vibrant, memorable, and walkable urbanism we must continually focus on the details important to the human experience.
Craig Lewis Principal, Planning and Urban Design Co-leader, Urban Places Read More

Stephen Oliver, Senior Planner

I help communities build the city they want to see, through meaningful engagement, challenging shortcuts, and understanding outcomes.

Mike Rutkowski, Complete Streets Leader

When we work with our clients, we simply want to create a place where our families would want to be.

Mike Smith, Principal Transport Engineer, Road Safety

My goal is to have a positive influence on road trauma reduction using community-based solutions to support road safety.
Mike Smith Principal Transport Engineer, Road Safety Read More

Ashley Thompson, Senior Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV™

Be willing to pivot. Strive to exceed the expectations set for yourself and actively seek something that inspires you to do and be more.
Ashley Thompson Senior Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV™ Read More

Liza  Cohen

Senior Associate

Dan Hemme

Transportation Planner

Craig Lewis

Principal, Planning and Urban Design Co-leader, Urban Places

Stephen Oliver

Senior Planner

Mike Rutkowski

Complete Streets Leader

Mike Smith

Principal Transport Engineer, Road Safety

Ashley Thompson

Senior Product Developer, Stantec GenerationAV™


Detailed Engineering & Design Big picture engineering in every detail.
Pavement Engineering We work with our clients to manage their pavements, focusing on pavement engineering and related data collection services.
Traffic Engineering Our traffic engineers keep people and goods moving safely and efficiently, helping you find more time in your day by spending less time in your car.
Transportation Planning As a community grows in size and population, so do its mobility needs. We help you address those needs and find a comprehensive solution that can safely get you to your destination.
Design Visualization Through design visualization, we help clients and stakeholders picture the building they’ll work in, the bridge they’ll drive over, and the neighborhood their kids will play in.
Public Participation We develop and execute communication and consultation plans that allow people affected by change to understand, influence, and accept it.
Urban Planning & Design Our plans help harness the forces reshaping North American communities. We create places that are authentic, green, walkable, connected and diverse.  

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