• King of Prussia Transit-Oriented Community Plan
  • Metrolinx Transit-Oriented Communities Playbook
  • New Bern Avenue Station Area Planning
  • 25Connects: A Transit-Oriented Development Plan
  • One Vanderbilt Transit Improvements

Transit-Oriented Communities

Creating communities

Anchored by public transportation, transit-oriented development (TOD) is a key component to supporting compact, walkable, and healthier communities which contribute to a greater quality of life for residents. But what happens when development is centered around people? We get transit-oriented communities (TOC).

Transit-oriented community planning and design takes a wider look at the complexity of transit-focused neighborhoods. From higher ridership on a new transit line to better housing choice and improved economic opportunity, we believe context is key when planning and designing an equitable and sustainable TOC. We take a thoughtful approach that catalyzes transit, development, community, and infrastructure all with an eye to equitable solutions that work for everyone.


Immersive Collaboration Through design visualization, we help clients and stakeholders picture the building they’ll work in, the bridge they’ll drive over, and the neighborhood their kids will play in.
Land Use Planning We provide responsible planning by creating careful and thoughtful options for right now as well as for the future that take into account site conditions, public input, client needs, and project requirements.
Landscape Architecture Whether it's an urban park, a restored wetland, an athletic complex, or a waterfront destination--through analysis, planning, and design, we create inspired landscapes that reflect context and user needs.
Public Participation We develop and execute communication and consultation plans that allow people affected by change to understand, influence, and accept it.
Transit Planning Creating a path forward for transit
Transportation Planning As a community grows in size and population, so do its mobility needs. We help you address those needs and find a comprehensive solution that can safely get you to your destination.
Urban Planning & Design Our plans help harness the forces reshaping North American communities. We create places that are authentic, green, walkable, connected and diverse.  

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