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Water is undeniably essential to our lives. Which is why it’s critical that we create a sustainable future for it. At Stantec, we approach every project we undertake—whether at the local, regional, or watershed level—thoughtfully and execute it with excellence. We partner with our clients to design solutions that address their communities’ unique needs throughout the water infrastructure lifecycle.

Our One Water focus covers the management of fresh water, wastewater, stormwater, and groundwater as a collective resource. This can mean a lot of things, depending on where you are and your needs. Our approach is different if you’re in a water-rich area with a deteriorating ecosystem or an arid environment where water is precious and sustaining reasonable growth with traditional strategies is the challenge. But our goal never changes—enabling thriving economies and industries, community vitality, and healthy ecosystems.

We lead the industry with our innovative approach, balancing technological innovation with environmental, regulatory, and economic needs. We deliver award-winning, integrated design and engineering with every solution—getting water to where it’s needed, at the best value for our clients and their communities.

The future of humanity will be impacted by our ability to access clean water and sanitation, to eliminate the infrastructure deficit in underserved communities and developing countries, to effect environmental improvements, to foster climate change mitigation and resiliency, to deal with the impacts of urbanization, and to make the best of our water resources to provide food and energy for a growing population.


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Water Research Foundation (WRF) Digital Water Study

Defining a digital framework for the smart utility of the future, Stantec and the WRF are leading a global collaborative of utility and technology experts to define the framework necessary for the digital transformation of the industry.

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The Southern Delivery System, or SDS as we refer to it, is a water project serving the communities of Pueblo West, Security, Fountain, and Colorado Springs with 50 miles of 66 inch pipeline, three pump stations, and a new greenfield water treatment plant to connect into the existing system. There are really three drivers for building SDS. One is growing demand in all of the partner communities; the second, really, reliability of all of our systems; and finally, protection against droughts. We've had two major droughts in the last decade. And SDS protects us by diversifying our water portfolio.

MWH has a long history of program management. And we were able to bring all of that delivery expertise to this program. What was particularly brilliant was bringing all the disciplines that MWH has to bear, from engineering to construction to specialized functions such as public involvement, document management, program controls. That's been particularly unique here. I've really been impressed by the team that we've been able to put together--so many smart people that have come to work on this project.

And part of it is MWH's support all the way to the top of the organization. I've been extremely impressed by that. And we could not have had a better partner with our Colorado Springs Utilities team. Colorado Springs Utilities has done decades of planning the delivery of this program. Through working in residential areas of Pueblo West, through farmland and cattle grazing areas, to boring underneath I-25, two railroad lines, and Fountain Creek, MWH's expertise was brought to bear to actually work out how to make sure we had full permit compliance in the environmental and construction management team in place to make sure we honored all of that planning.

The most important thing that I want people to remember about SDS is the hundreds of people that have pulled together to make it happen. The accomplishments to date on this project have been significant. We are $156 million under budget. We've met all of our local spend goals. And we're forecast to be delivering

on or ahead of schedule. Water is really the lifeblood of any community. And to be able to have a viable, sustainable economy, you've got to have water. SDS brings that to Colorado Springs and our neighboring communities. And really the beauty of a project like this is it's our present to future generations.

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Digging in against sewer overflows

Ottawa’s goal was ambitious. They wanted to drastically reduce combined sewer overflows (CSOs) into the Ottawa River. We started with an environmental assessment, and we found (through a triple bottom line analysis) that the preferred solution was deep tunnel storage. Read More

Nine-time award winning water delivery project

Core program components include over 60 miles of predominately 66-inch-diameter pipeline plus over 1 mile of 90-inch-diameter intake pipeline, 3 raw water pump stations, a new 50-mgd water treatment plant and finished water pump station, power supply facilities, and environmental and other mitigation projects. Read More

Generating power while reducing discharges

The Piscataway Water Resource Recovery Facility will generate up to 4.5MW of power and significantly lower the amount and cost of sludge disposal—all while reducing phosphorous discharges into the Chesapeake Bay. Read More
We’re part of the communities we serve, so we treat every drop of water like our own

We have nearly two thousand water experts in North America and more than four thousand globally.
Our projects have been honored with 180 awards and counting.
Engineering-News Record (ENR) placed us second in their water international design firm rankings.
Engineering-News Record (ENR) ranked us as their top sewer/waste international design firm.


Asset Management Our Stantec Asset Management (SAM) sustainability experts help you find the most accurate, actionable data about your built assets so you can meet your environmental, social, and governance goals.
Financial Services Management Your utility's success depends on avoiding financial turmoil--we’re ready to work with you to identify difficulties in advance, to analyze your options, and to plot the course for a safe arrival at your future.
Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing Our geotechnical engineers and material specialists are focused on solving complex design, construction, and rehabilitation issues impacting the communities where we live and work.
Trenchless Services Our expertise in trenchless technologies lets you build, maintain, or replace pipes while minimizing surface disruption.
Tunneling Services With a promise to design with community in mind, we focus on risk avoidance and mitigation with robust management programs that maximize constructability to deliver solutions that provide the best value.
Water Services Through the life cycle of capture, use, reuse, and discharge, our team works to optimize every facet of a water system.

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