• Southern Delivery System

    An $825M water delivery system

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  • Big Lake Sanitary Trunk Sewer

    The first installation of Flowcrete pipe in North America

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  • Prairie Waters Project

    A $160 million, 50 mgd raw water conveyance system with 34 miles of pipe

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Getting your water where it needs to go

It seems so simple. Turn on a faucet, water appears. Flush a toilet, water disappears. But behind that simplicity is a complex infrastructure that most people don’t think too much about. That’s where we come in. Read More

I work with scientists and engineers, helping clients efficiently build infrastructure with the least impact on natural and historic resources.

Sarah Mcllroy Vice President, Regional Leader, US Pacific
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Prioritizing lift station repairs

Identifying and prioritizing lift station repairs is like comparing apples to oranges. Our team developed the Lift Station Assessment Tool to create a consistent standard of measurement that saves time and money.

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New Orleans is a very vulnerable city, it’s got the Gulf on one side, the Mississippi runs through it, and you have Lake Pontchartrain, one of the largest lakes in the US, right behind it. New Orleans has a history of flooding, and every time they’ve come back, they’ve built a safer, stronger system.

This project is huge. It’s one of the largest pump stations in the world. It’s currently $615 million budget to build three separate sites at the end of each of the drainage canals to Lake Pontchartrain.

Stantec performed geotech, structural, electrical, mechanical design, civil design, hydraulic design... We were basically taking care of the entire project. There was over 450 staff from 55 different offices that converged on this project to make it happen.

As far as the pump station itself, we have built a lot of resiliency and redundant design into the systems. The generator facilities that we have for these stations basically gives you enough power to power a small city. So in case the whole city gets flooded, this pump station will still be operational and be able to evacuate the water quicker and help New Orleans bounce back quicker.

The most rewarding part of the project has been helping out the community. I went to Tulane University and lived in New Orleans for four years in the 90s and really got a connection to the community, the music, the food. New Orleans has a certain draw to it that really pulls you in. More than professionally working on a project, just being able to just help out; when I tell people what I do, a lot of times they’re just like “thank you, thank you for coming and helping us.”

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Stantec Water Webinar Series Calendar

The Stantec Webinar Series provides you access to evidence-based learning opportunities with a focus on technology-forward solutions to the challenges our communities face in the world of water. Most webinars will feature a 40-minute presentation followed by a 20-minute interactive Q&A session. Register Now

Supporting growth and improving wastewater quality

Central Alberta is growing at a rapid pace, putting stress on the wastewater treatment systems. In places like Olds and Innisfail, their aging infrastructure was stressed, reducing the quality of wastewater that was discharged into natural water systems. With 92 kilometers of forcemains and gravity sewers and four new pump stations, this regional system will meet the needs of central Alberta for the next 25 years and reduce the risk to the environment as the wastewater is reintroduced into the Red Deer River. Read More

How do you prepare a city for a 1:100-year storm?

When a city like New Orleans faces a risk the size of a Category 5 hurricane, the solution needs to be just as formidable. Enter the Permanent Canal Closures and Pumps (PCCP) project. The massive drainage pumping system (largest in the world) will play a key role in a multi-billion-dollar hurricane risk reduction system designed to serve the community now and in the future. Read More

Helping communities secure their food supply with water saving technology

The first of its kind in California, the new system gives growers automated irrigation access through mobile technology that conserves over 12,000 acre-feet per year (that’s enough water to provide for 40,000 households!). An interactive interface allows farmers to schedule water deliveries using an online system where they control their delivery date and receive alerts via email and text that confirm volume and flow rates. Read More
Together, we’ll make sure your water gets to where it needs to go
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Expert Spotlight

Russ Snow, Vice President, Conveyance Sector Leader

The greatest satisfaction in my career is delivering major water infrastructure projects and see—firsthand—the benefit that it brings to the public.
Russ  Snow Vice President, Conveyance Sector Leader Read More

Adrien Comeau, Wastewater Storage

Our projects improve the lives of residents in communities across North America—that’s why I became an engineer.

Stephan Weninger, Force Mains and Siphons

At Stantec, we believe in fully understanding the needs of our clients, because we are invested in their communities and want to ensure they thrive.

Fangbiao Lin, Hydraulic Structures

CFD modeling is my passion, solving flow problems is my satisfaction!

Dan Chernishenko, Intakes and Outfalls

I look for ways to challenge myself—in both my work and my personal life. That’s how I’ve found my success.

Anil Dean, Tunnels and Trenchless

The interaction of value, project needs, and the ground makes for great variety and no two projects are ever the same.

Mark Smith, Pump Stations

Our team takes the time to listen to our clients and tailor solutions to meet their unique needs—on each project.

Russ  Snow

Vice President, Conveyance Sector Leader

Adrien Comeau

Wastewater Storage

Stephan Weninger

Force Mains and Siphons

Fangbiao Lin

Hydraulic Structures

Dan Chernishenko

Intakes and Outfalls

Anil Dean

Tunnels and Trenchless

Mark Smith

Pump Stations


Financial Services & Management Your utility's success depends on avoiding financial turmoil--we’re ready to work with you to identify difficulties in advance, to analyze your options, and to plot the course for a safe arrival at your future.
Geotechnical Engineering & Materials Testing Our geotechnical engineers and material specialists are focused on solving complex design, construction, and rehabilitation issues impacting the communities where we live and work.
Trenchless Our expertise in trenchless technologies lets you build, maintain, or replace pipes while minimizing surface disruption.
Tunneling With a promise to design with community in mind, we focus on risk avoidance and mitigation with robust management programs that maximize constructability to deliver solutions that provide the best value.
Water Services Through the life cycle of capture, use, reuse, and discharge, our team works to optimize every facet of a water system.

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