Water Resources Management

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Making the most of all your water resources

A river carves a landscape over hundreds of years; a flood can cause devastation in a matter of hours. Comprehending how water works on timescales ranging from centuries to days is critical to managing it effectively and safeguarding our communities.

Stantec is actively involved in the management and development of water resources. We focus on protecting and restoring sensitive water resources, developing new sources of water, and managing risks associated with sedimentation and flooding.

Our holistic approach to developing and managing water resources balances environmental, social, and economic needs. We consider the inter-dependent management of surface water and groundwater, and how that impacts your water’s quantity and quality.

Managing water resources requires a long-term view—that’s why we support your project with advanced modeling tools, implementation plans, monitoring, and economic analyses. We effectively manage your water with aesthetic and environmentally friendly designs that create opportunities for recreation and education, increase market value, and enhance the user experience.

Balancing flood mitigation, development needs, and community demands is no simple task. Our team is committed to being with you every step of the way whether your project involves coastal protection and restoration, dams and reservoirs, levees and embankments, or more.

Stantec’s Flood Manager uses parallel computing to help engineers and scientists quickly and accurately assess the flood risk in their communities before a severe weather event.

A comprehensive, long-term water supply plan for Southern Utah

The Lake Powell Pipeline project will pump a portion of Utah’s Colorado River Compact allotment from Lake Powell and convey it through a buried steel pipeline and pump station system. The environmental aspects include pipeline alignments through a national recreation area and national monument, multiple crossings of perennial streams, potential impacts on federally-listed plants, and potential growth for communities that will receive the water. Read More

The largest river restoration program in the United States

The historic effort to restore the San Joaquin River is one of the largest and most ambitious ecosystem restoration projects in the United States. It has two primary goals: restoration and water management. The program covers over 152 miles (245 kilometres) of the San Joaquin River, and features restoration of flows to approximately 59 miles (95 kilometres) of dry river bed, as well as significant channel and fish passage improvements. Read More

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