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Stantec to design culvert replacement and expanded habitat for Napa County’s Campbell Creek

Project will restore passage for native fish, including steelhead trout and salmon

10/04/2023 NAPA, CA TSX,NYSE:STN

Stantec, a global leader in sustainable design and engineering, has been selected by Napa County to design a new culvert for Campbell Creek, providing critical fish passage for steelhead trout and salmon.  

The project at Dry Creek Road replaces an outdated and fish-inhibiting culvert with a more substantial open-bottom concrete culvert. The new culvert is designed to facilitate fish passage so migratory steelhead and salmon can access upstream habitat essential for completing their life cycles.

Stantec’s design encompasses a significant expansion of habitat upstream to help restore the creek’s ecosystem. The firm completed a hydrology analysis to preserve the creek’s natural channel through the installation of the new culvert. The project will help reduce erosion in the stream and mitigate future flood risks.

“Functional culverts play a crucial role in a healthy ecosystem,” said Jesse Carlson, project manager at Stantec. “Napa County’s effort to restore the Campbell Creek culvert to benefit the region’s native fish is a testament to their environmental stewardship. Projects like this have rippling effects for the entire community, and we are honored to be part of this endeavor.”

“Investing in the replacement of the Dry Creek Road culvert represents an investment in Napa County’s environmental future,” said Frank Lucido, engineering manager for Napa County. “By ensuring that native fish can pass through safely, we are supporting the county’s surrounding ecosystem. We appreciate Stantec’s partnership and expertise as we improve our infrastructure and the health of our rivers and streams.”

Stantec provided the requisite permits and conducted environmental assessments to secure project approvals. The Stantec team responsible for coordinating the project also successfully completed the grant application to attain the essential funding required for the project’s execution. The Campbell Creek project is expected to be completed in 2025.

Stantec has extensive experience working with communities to replace culverts, remove fish barriers, and restore stream habitats. Removing fish barriers is a growing priority for Western US states as they work to restore fish passage for trout, salmon and other migratory species, some of which are endangered or threatened.

Learn more Stantec’s Environmental Services and Ecosystem teams.

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