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Lake Roe Gold Project

Assessing potential environmental impacts for a greenfield’s gold mine

  • Kalgoorlie, Goldfields, Western Australia

    Kalgoorlie, Goldfields, Western Australia

Helping a new gold mine meet environmental standards by investigating potential hydrogeological impacts

The Coolgardie bioregion in Western Australia is a transitional zone between coastal and arid inland regions. Though a sensitive environment, it supports farming and ranching, and also our client’s enterprise—gold mining. Gold was first discovered here in 1892, and the region is still yielding mineable deposits. When Breaker Resources, identified a greenfields gold mining opportunity east of Kalgoorlie, they called on our team to help investigate the possible environmental impact.

Our team looked at the ecological makeup of the area, investigating the flora, vertebrate fauna, aquatic ecology, subterranean fauna, and conducting soil assessments. We also focused on the hydrogeological aspects of the mine and how mining operations would interact with surface or groundwater. These investigations and assessments informed the environmental approval process and ultimately supported the decision to build an operational gold mine.

With 24 threatened plant species, 8 threatened mammal species and 3 threatened bird species, any mining operation in the Coolgardie bioregion must employ mitigation strategies to reduce impacts. We are proud to provide services that can support economic growth, and job creation, while leaving as small a footprint as possible.

At a Glance

  • Breaker Resources
Meet Our Team

Paul Bolton, Team Leader, Terrestrial Ecology

I enjoy the aspects of conducting surveys and environmental assessments in such a geographically diverse region.
Paul Bolton Team Leader, Terrestrial Ecology Read More

Liz Abbey, Senior Geospatial Advisor

I’m proud of the collaborative way we bring people and spatial data together to provide superior outcomes for our clients and the community.

Paul Bolton

Team Leader, Terrestrial Ecology

Liz Abbey

Senior Geospatial Advisor

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