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Proton Hydrogen Demonstration Plant

A new approach to developing hydrogen

  • Saskatchewan


Utilizing existing oil fields to produce zero-carbon energy

Alternative solutions to traditional oil and gas technologies are in high demand—as we progress towards more sustainable energy options, Proton Energy Technologies Ltd. (Proton) proposes hydrogen as a new solution. Using existing oil fields, Proton intends to gasify and reform the remaining fuel reservoirs, creating a reaction which then releases hydrogen and carbon dioxide. The produced gases (carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and hydrogen) are separated underground, and hydrogen is extracted and transported for use. This approach reduces carbon dioxide emissions and limits the need for fresh water used in other processes.

As an early-stage startup, Proton required a feasibility study from a reputable entity to gain the interest of stakeholders and investors. That’s where we came in. We provided Proton with a scoping study, using known, high technology readiness level (TRL) options to produce an accurate estimate of operating expenses, while allowing foreseeable issues to be compartmentalized to the individual technologies.

The perspective realism we brought to the demonstration project helped Proton promote their technology and gain the interest of potential stakeholders and investors

At a Glance

  • Proton Energy Technologies Ltd.
Meet Our Team

Nathan Ashcroft, Strategic Business Developer, Energy

We’re in a great energy transition period, one that we should be excited about and ready to embrace.
Nathan Ashcroft Strategic Business Developer, Energy Read More

Pietro Di Zanno, Independent Contractor

Through innovation, the energy industry can be resilient. We need to explore new technologies and products that are transforming the market.

Jason Doupe, Vice President, Environmental Services

To be a leader you need to focus on solutions. Let everyone else find the problems.
Jason Doupe Vice President, Environmental Services Read More

Kristian Olsen, Manager, Energy Transition Systems Integrity

I want to be someone who always raises the bar on safety and quality, who helps shape the kind of industry we’d want our kids to be part of.
Kristian Olsen Manager, Energy Transition Systems Integrity Read More

Dennis Zadery, Vice President, Energy Sector Leader

Motivating and empowering team members leads to the best outcomes for everyone—especially with the energy industry’s ever-changing needs.
Dennis Zadery Vice President, Energy Sector Leader Read More

Cody Leishman, Senior Associate

Understanding client expectations is paramount in our business. The resulting actions and solutions are key to establishing sustainable business partnerships.

Brendan Hicks, Principal Mechanical Engineer

When a common goal with well-defined constraints is visible to the team, challenges soon become mere ripples along the road to success.
Brendan Hicks Principal Mechanical Engineer Read More

Nathan Ashcroft

Strategic Business Developer, Energy

Pietro Di Zanno

Independent Contractor

Jason Doupe

Vice President, Environmental Services

Kristian Olsen

Manager, Energy Transition Systems Integrity

Dennis Zadery

Vice President, Energy Sector Leader

Cody Leishman

Senior Associate

Brendan Hicks

Principal Mechanical Engineer

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