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Guidelines and Procedures for Wastewater Re-use in Bahrain

Driving climate resilience for the water sector

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Creating a detailed framework for efficient re-use of treated wastewater

The Water Resources Council (WRC) in Bahrain is acting on a mandate to maximize the utilization and sustainability of water resources in the country: the Ministry of Oil, as stakeholder in the WRC, has secured funding from the Green Climate Fund for a suite of initiatives aimed at strengthening ways to conserve water.

Bahrain is a water-scarce nation that has traditionally relied on desalinated water. With high operational and environmental costs, this solution is not considered sustainable. To address this issue, our team was appointed by the water resources management unit on behalf of the WRC to create a detailed framework for the reuse of treated wastewater—it needed to be done cost-effectively and in line with the objectives of the National Water Strategy 2030. The result was a comprehensive road map for water reuse that can be applied in other Gulf Cooperation Council countries and other water scarce nations around the world. Our framework determined that reusing tertiary treated sewage effluent would be the most reliable, cost-efficient, and sustainable water resource.

Ultimately, we were able to successfully implement a water reuse program that addresses public health and environmental concerns, technical, legal, financial requirements, and social awareness. This project will help Bahrain meet water reuse targets and reduce the environmental impacts of the desalination process.  

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Korkud Egrican, Regional Design Director – Treatment, Desalination and Reuse

Our work should not just consider financial factors, but also environmental and social aspects that impact our communities.
Korkud Egrican Regional Design Director – Treatment, Desalination and Reuse Read More

Korkud Egrican

Regional Design Director – Treatment, Desalination and Reuse

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