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Golden Gate Transit Zero Emission Bus Rollout Plan

Keeping traffic—and emissions—at bay.

  • San Francisco, California

    San Francisco, California

Aligning Golden Gate Transit with California efforts to meet federal air quality standards and climate protection goals

Golden Gate Transit (GGT) needed to develop a comprehensive zero emission bus (ZEB) rollout plan to comply with California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Innovative Clean Transit mandate. However, 54 percent of GGT’s fleet are motor coach buses which brought a challenge as this is a relatively undefined segment in terms of ZEB.

Working with GGT to create a plan to submit for CARB approval, we calculated the fleet’s total power requirements, fueling and charging scheduling windows, and cost of ownership. By conducting an in-depth analysis of the agency’s four facilities and existing routes, we helped GGT determine the optimal fleet composition of battery electric buses and/or hydrogen fuel cell electric buses. We are also conducting a survey of all ZEB alternatives in the market, assisting with resiliency planning, and helping identify technology options for maximizing the use of renewable energy.

To support proper implementation, we’re also assisting with training plan and schedule development for ZEB operators and maintenance and repair staff. Once complete, the final ZEB rollout plan will help inform priorities, key decision points, and other critical considerations.

At a Glance

Meet Our Team

Analy Castillo, Associate, Zero Emissions Technical Lead

I help transit agencies develop pragmatic plans for launching zero-emission bus fleets in the face of overwhelming challenges.
Analy Castillo Associate, Zero Emissions Technical Lead Read More

Patrick M. McKelvey , Senior Principal

Our purpose and goal is to create better places through thoughtful, creative, and responsive planning and design.

Will Todd, Senior Associate

Through the projects I work on and the relationships I form, it’s my goal to leave the world a better place than I found it.

Mike Voll, Principal, Sector Lead Smart Technologies

You don’t have to dig deep in the earth to find the energy we need to survive. Blowing wind, flowing rivers and warming sun are easily accessible for those with the passion to harness them.
Mike Voll Principal, Sector Lead Smart Technologies Read More

Tony Zavanelli, Principal, Energy

The best feedback is being awarded with additional work. ‘Good job’ is nice to hear, but being entrusted with another project the best way to know that you are valued.

Analy Castillo

Associate, Zero Emissions Technical Lead

Patrick M. McKelvey

Senior Principal

Will Todd

Senior Associate

Mike Voll

Principal, Sector Lead Smart Technologies

Tony Zavanelli

Principal, Energy

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