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Statewide Traffic Management Centers Upgrade

Systems engineering analysis for updating TDOT’s Advanced Traffic Management System

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    Traffic Management Centers

  • Statewide, Tennessee

    Statewide, Tennessee

With a booming economy, traffic demand and congestion have increased dramatically in Tennessee.

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) operates four major Traffic Management Centers (TMCs) to provide safe and efficient travel statewide. As traffic demand and congestion have increased exponentially due to Tennessee’s booming economy, TDOT turned to Stantec to evaluate the operations and engineer a new system of equipment, networks, and software to address the recurring commuter congestion.

We designed an advanced traffic management system (ATMS) that reflects the most current and cutting-edge research and development available in the industry applications. We worked with all the key stakeholders at TDOT to provide a new ATMS solution, using the federally mandated system engineering analysis approach summarized in a System Engineering Analysis Report (SEAR). Now, we’re deploying the ATMS software with our sub-contractor Southwest Research Institute (SwRI).

We’re engineering a new system of equipment, networks and software to better address commuter congestion and respond to incidents faster and more efficiently. Using the advanced feature in the TMC software will not only save people’s time and money, but more importantly, save many lives.

At a Glance

Meet Our Team

Daniel Baxter, Principal, Transportation

Only through advanced systems engineering can we help today’s transportation infrastructure battle traffic congestion and perform better.

Matt Davis, Traffic Engineer

We are creating solutions with intelligent transportation systems and emerging technologies that ultimately make our clients’ jobs easier.

Sama Khazraeian, ITS Analyst

Preparing for the future of our transportation system—where artificial intelligence drives our cars—is my responsibility.

Susan Marlow, Principal

I love to help clients solve problems in their community. I achieve this by helping clients think spatially and find the overlap in urban growth, connected/autonomous vehicles, and resilience.

Stephen Mensah, Traffic Engineer/Safety Analyst

Safety is essential in supporting viable, socio-economic activities and a high quality of life for the entire community.
Stephen Mensah Traffic Engineer/Safety Analyst Read More

Larry Overn, Associate

I like to make operational improvements that have an immediate impact for the commuting public.

Daniel Baxter

Principal, Transportation

Matt Davis

Traffic Engineer

Sama Khazraeian

ITS Analyst

Susan Marlow


Stephen Mensah

Traffic Engineer/Safety Analyst

Larry Overn


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