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VDMA - SMR Camp Pendleton, Lake Christine Watershed Improvements

Improving the water quality at Lake Christine

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  • Virginia Beach, Virginia

    Virginia Beach, Virginia

Establishing a route to a cleaner future

Working with Virginia Department of Military Affairs (VDMA) and multiple stakeholders, our team successfully navigated a path to better water quality and a watershed management plan for the 30-acre Lake Christine.

Lake Christine has experienced reduced water storage capacity due to sedimentation, algal blooms, depleted oxygen levels, fish kills, invasive species, and an overall loss of water quality in past years. Our job? Performing a range of services to help address the water quality issues. First we completed, bathymetric and sediment surveys, water quality monitoring, macro-invertebrate and fish surveys, and sediment sampling. Next, we completed water quality modeling and a watershed study to clarify the sources of pollutants and identify retrofit opportunities to improve the health of the contributing watershed. Finally, we developed a lake management plan that highlighted improvements that should be pursued for the lake itself.

Prior to our project, the lake had gained negative attention from neighboring private landowners, the City, state representatives, and within the VDMA itself. We were able to set the stage for positive discussion, information sharing, and collaborative steps towards implementing the needed solutions, and the project was completed in a professional, sensitive, and amicable manner.

Meet Our Team

Doug Beisch, Principal, Environmental Services

Stormwater engineering is more than hydrologic computation, it’s finding effective ways to protect and improve watersheds and natural resources.
Doug Beisch Principal, Environmental Services Read More

Daniel Proctor, Principal, Water Resources Engineer

I’m an engineer not only to help the environment and solve problems, but also to care for my community, clients, and teammates.
Daniel Proctor Principal, Water Resources Engineer Read More

Doug Beisch

Principal, Environmental Services

Daniel Proctor

Principal, Water Resources Engineer

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