Acoustics & Vibration

  • The Allen Institute for Brain Science

    With collaboration comes noise but with acoustic intervention, users can focus on scientific discovery.

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  • Olympic College Instruction Center

    When different fields of study are taught in the same building, acoustical sound masking is the key to successful cohabitation.

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  • Weyerhaeuser Headquarters

    This timber giant’s new headquarters uses reclaimed materials to honor the company’s products.

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The auditory expression of character

Sound and vibration are invisible waves that crash around us every day. While invisible, they dramatically influence our perception and experience. Balancing art with science, we help clients amplify sound from a stage to an audience, provide audio clarity to learning spaces, insulate meeting or patient spaces for privacy. Across the spectrum, our soundscapes support the design vision, program, and above all, prioritize human comfort.

Acoustic design creates an auditory signature that marries architecture with function―invoking a sensory experience and emotional response that connects people to place.

Basel Jurdy Principal, Discipline Lead - Acoustics & Vibration

Oregon State University Learning Innovation Center

Oregon State University was facing a dilemma—they had lots of students, but lecture halls were too big and impersonal to create the same learning outcomes as more intimate classrooms. We were challenged to create a learning environment that could hold hundreds of people but keep student needs at the forefront. The result? A classroom environment for the masses that supports an individual learning experience. Read More

Microsoft Building 83

Microsoft Building 83 pushes the standard for design innovation and provides some of the best brains in the business with the workspace they need to not only succeed—but thrive. Our job? To enhance the experience of every person who enters the building by making every space into a workspace. Read More

Chihuly Garden & Glass

Just steps away from Seattle’s iconic Space Needle sits Seattle Center’s shining jewel—Chihuly Garden and Glass. Visitors to the site experience a beautiful garden, glasshouse, and interior exhibits creating a new cultural destination while setting a standard for modern art. Read More
Through the clarity of sound, we’re enhancing the connection between people and the built environment
Projects Completed

We’re passionate about creating high performance buildings that seamlessly connect people to the world around them.
From hospitals to learning facilities to workplaces, we’re improving the human experience of space through sound design.
Expert Spotlight

Basel Jurdy, Principal, Discipline Lead - Acoustics & Vibration

Acoustic design creates an auditory signature that marries architecture with function―invoking a sensory experience and emotional response that connects people to place.
Basel Jurdy Principal, Discipline Lead - Acoustics & Vibration Read More

Tara Damschen, Associate, Acoustics

Acoustical consulting can prevent unwanted noise or use sound to enhance the experience of a space. Like color and texture, the acoustics of a space can be an expression of its character to deepen the users’ experience.

Adam Opsata, Acoustician

Help people. Make good designs. Do the right thing. A good consultant is a lot like a friend.

Tracie Ferguson, Senior Associate, Acoustics

Acoustical consulting is perfect work for those looking to overlay art and imagination on a solid scientific backbone.
Tracie Ferguson Senior Associate, Acoustics Read More

Basel Jurdy

Principal, Discipline Lead - Acoustics & Vibration

Tara  Damschen

Associate, Acoustics

Adam Opsata


Tracie Ferguson

Senior Associate, Acoustics


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