Automated Vehicles & Mining

An evolutionary step forward

Mining operators long ago turned to automation to improve safety and efficiency. In the last decade, automation has moved beyond familiar uses like remote controls and teleoperation to full automation—automation of drilling, loading, and hauling—and even full equipment electrification and automation. These innovations open new possibilities for working in previously inaccessible locations.

Introducing battery electric automated vehicles (BEAVs) into these environments can benefit the owner, workers, and surrounding community tremendously. From moving people and equipment to performing such critical mining activities as drilling, loading, and hauling, BEAVs can provide a wide range of services in and around a mine, all contributing to safer and more efficient mining operations.

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Accelerating autonomy in mining

We take pride in providing innovative solutions that balance production goals with good stewardship, environmental sustainability, and regulatory requirements. Autonomous vehicles are one such solution with huge potential benefits related to safety and efficiency. We pair our AV experts with our mining professionals to help you determine the best use cases and create and implement a plan to deploy AVs in a way that adds value for everyone involved.

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