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Climate Advisory Services

Helping clients address a defining issue of our time

Do you feel the urgency? We do. Not only do we need to understand the risks, but we also need to be part of the solution!

In order to adapt to future weather extremes, we need to understand the impacts and risks climate change presents to our infrastructure and communities. Climate change risk assessment and climate scenario analysis are key to helping us understand and tackle the associated risk to our projects.

Beyond risks, we also need to understand our contributions to climate change. We need to be transparent on our desired climate goals and actions, benchmarking where we are, and developing strategies to get us to our goals.

No matter your level of climate action maturity, our climate advisory solutions are there to support you every step of the way. Only by addressing climate change today can we create the resilient and sustainable communities of tomorrow.

Climate analysis and assessment

Analyzing and understanding plausible climate scenarios, timescales, and profiles is a critical first step in identifying related project risks and challenges. With the increasing frequency of extreme weather events—caused by climate change—we are also seeing a greater need to identify and understand climate change risks. Our climate solutions advisory services will help you tackle your climate-related risks head-on. Learn More

Roadmap and action planning

Understanding and developing realistic plans to address climate-related impacts is key to successful adaptation. Engaging stakeholders in the community roadmap and planning process ensures a complete view of the potential challenges and successes. Roadmaps and action plans need to align with your environmental, social, and governance (ESG) and operational goals to ensure successful implementation and outcomes. Read More

Assessments to support funding applications

Our diverse range of design and consulting professionals help clients see projects through a climate lens—and then act on what they find. The need to understand climate impacts is becoming necessary for future project funding. But more importantly, it provides peace of mind, ensuring your assets withstand the impacts of climate change. Learn More

Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) planning and reporting

What stage are you at in your ESG planning? Do you need to define your ESG goals by performing a materiality analysis? Or have you developed your ESG related goals and need to put them into action? Do you need to set science-based targets or are you looking toward net zero? Do you need to report on climate-related risks such as CDP or Task Force on Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)? No matter your level of climate action maturity, our Climate Solutions professionals can support you every step of the way. Learn More

Explore the Climate Solutions wheel

We know our greatest influence on improving climate outcomes stems from the creative, innovative, and integrated Climate Solutions we provide to our clients and communities. We see the linkages between climate risk, climate action, climate adaptation and GHG mitigation. Our approach is summarized in the Climate Solutions Wheel. Explore


Atmospheric Sciences Rooted in reality, educated in natural sciences, and experts in the latest regulatory and permitting compliance, we go beyond the common approach to develop ideal results for clients.
Climate Change Risk Assessments Our team of climatologists, engineers, and environmental scientists help you understand—and adapt to—a changing climate. We can assess climate change impacts on your assets and deliver risk profiles and evaluations to prioritize your actions.
Ecosystem Restoration We combine local environment knowledge with multidisciplinary staff to re-establish ecological functions and biodiversity in damaged or degraded environments.
International Development Our team works in partnership with multilateral development banks and bilateral donors to improve infrastructure, policy, capacity, and resource resilience in developing countries.
Natural Capital & Natural Resource Economics Natural Capital & Natural Resource Economics works across sectors and business lines to assess, value, and restore natural resources.
Nature-based Solutions Using Nature-based Solutions such as carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction, we can mitigate the ongoing effects of climate change.
Resilient Adaptation & Mitigation We’re working with our clients to improve infrastructure, environment, and community resilience in preparation for climate change impacts.
Towards Net Zero & Beyond Reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, carbon reliance, and other impacts towards climate change—we’re helping clients work towards net zero and beyond.

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