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  • Ohio River Bridges

    Starting from the ground up.

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  • West Five

    A highly livable community.

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  • Blatchford - Stage 1 Implementation

    A new community takes flight

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Understanding concepts

Design visualization tools help project owners and stakeholders envision the possibilities for their facilities and communities. It creates graphic images from words and ideas—making concepts and options clearer. Through design visualization, clients and stakeholders can picture the building they’ll work in, the bridge they’ll drive over, the neighborhood their kids will play in, and the campus that becomes a home away from home. Changes to design can be seen and understood immediately. When the project stakeholders can envision the end result of the design work, community excitement and project support builds. With our in-house team of filmmakers, animators, 3D modelers, and application engineers, we can produce a range of products, from cinematic photorealistic films and building renderings, to data-driven facility fly-throughs. These tools help clients, stakeholders, and others involved in the process to quickly gain an understanding of the design direction, upon which solid solutions can be built.

The All-Season Park

Using design visualization to explore the idea of a multi-use and multi-generational community space designed to take advantage of changing seasons.

Town Hall Meeting

The Low Level Road project in Vancouver, BC, was about serving the community with a carefully designed infrastructure improvement. Using a 3D visualization presentation, we showed stakeholders what they could expect and how we would design with community in mind. View Here
Bridging the distance between what is and what can be
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More understanding

ENR June 2017
Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video or animation compared to 10% when reading it in text.
Expert Spotlight

Chuck Lounsberry, Principal

Through design visualization, we’re helping people tell stories of their project from their perspective to their community.

Gary Sorge , Vice President, Community Development, Discipline Leader (Landscape Architecture)

Designing infrastructure with the ability to withstand natural and human impacts is an economic and social responsibility.
Gary Sorge Vice President, Community Development, Discipline Leader (Landscape Architecture) Read More
  • Chuck Lounsberry


  • Gary Sorge

    Vice President, Community Development, Discipline Leader (Landscape Architecture)

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Design Visualization Demo Reel

See examples of our design visualization at work, helping stakeholders quickly gain project understanding.

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