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Environmental Services

We’ve got the environment down to a science

Our passion drives our work around the globe. We take the time to truly understand each project—learning its past, adapting to present conditions, and preparing for future shifts. So whether we're collaborating with you  on a complex permit application, monitoring a site during construction, or designing a decommissioning plan, you can count on our team to help you find the smartest solution for the project and community it supports. 

Every project has a purpose

Finding balance in a project is about getting it done the right way—with care, creativity, and efficiency. From urban renewal and the built environment to energy projects, business is constantly evolving. Which is why we are forward-looking, and continually adapting to the market, your needs and regulatory requirements. Grounded in safety, quality, and ethics, we develop solutions to achieve your project objectives while balancing stakeholder interests. Read More

We want you to succeed

Whether you’re preparing a complex permit application, conducting time critical due diligence for acquisitions, assessing a facility for water and energy efficiency, monitoring a site during construction, developing a decommissioning plan, conducting ecological and human health risk assessments, or outlining regulatory options before a dam removal, we can help. Our local strength, knowledge, and relationships around the globe, coupled with our world class expertise, allow us to go anywhere to meet your needs.
Backed by decades of experience, we work side-by-side with you to create responsible solutions.
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Related Services

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Assessment and Permitting Using science to meet regulations.
Atmospheric Sciences Rooted in reality, educated in natural sciences, and experts in the latest regulatory and permitting compliance, we go beyond the common approach to develop ideal results for clients.
Human Environment When we feel connected as a community, we work better together.
Ecosystems By documenting existing conditions and determining potential impacts, we develop avoidance and mitigation measures that are cost-effective but ensure protection of fish, aquatic invertebrates, and vegetation.
eDNA Management of protected species requires reliable methods for detecting their presence without causing them harm. eDNA allows for sampling the environment for DNA shed by organisms without capturing, handling, or observing the target species.
Environmental Health Safety & Compliance  We have certified industrial hygienists, safety professionals, toxicologists, and other specialists developing practices that can limit your risks and liabilities.
Indigenous Relations & Partnerships Successful Indigenous Partnerships are built on a foundation of mutual respect, common goals, opportunities for employment, and an understanding of the local community.
Nature-based Solutions Using Nature-based Solutions such as carbon sequestration and greenhouse gas reduction, we can mitigate the ongoing effects of climate change.
PFAS Our PFAS team helps assess and manage this group of chemical pollutants in line with evolving guidelines, standards, and regulations.
Remediation & Revitalization We use our expertise to investigate, plan and implement the right solution to your challenges. 
Water Resources We help you to protect and restore sensitive water resources, explore and develop new sources of water, and manage risk resulting from sedimentation and flooding.

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