• Community Exposure Air Modeling
  • Cosmetic Talcum Powder Products Consumer Use Risk Assessment

Exposure Sciences

Advancing exposure knowledge and delivering critical data

Our Exposure Science team advances the way regulatory agencies and the scientific community view how humans are exposed to chemicals, how chemicals are absorbed into the body, and how they reach the tissues where adverse effects can occur. We’ve helped set high standards in the exposure science industry, creating groundbreaking work that helps guide decision making.

We apply exposure sciences through simulation studies, chemical fate and transport modeling, retrospective dose reconstruction, and occupational and environmental exposure modeling. Our clients? A wide variety of industry partners that deal with chemicals, physical factors, biological agents, and stressors.

Combining increasing precision through computational approaches with advances in modeling and highly sensitive analytical techniques, we can characterize the full range of possible exposures. Let us help you get the information you need.

Evaluating sound exposures

We’ve worked with global organizations to develop noise exposure limits and advance the understanding of noise exposure and hearing loss. And the field is still evolving. Emerging technologies will vastly increase the throughput of exposure measurements. So, if you need to determine the impact of vehicle noise, power generation, and other industrial facilities on your community, we can help you with a community noise assessment.

Public health data and scientific literature assessments

Our teams are built specifically for each project, with strong senior epidemiology leadership drawn nationally from our scientists and health assessment professionals. We can help you conduct public health and epidemiological assessments, and we can review and assess public health data and scientific literature. We deliver statistical analysis and data visualization using platforms such as R, SAS, and ArcGIS.

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