Real-time, intelligent financial modeling

Our Financial Analysis & Management System (FAMS) puts your financial data at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. A subscription-based online financial planning tool powered by 300 years of combined experience on over 1,500 studies, FAMS has been designed to support government entities.

These unprecedented times require real-time understanding of the impacts of changing conditions and the ability to quickly evaluate options in order to take decisive actions in a climate of uncertainty. FAMS is an intelligent, easy-to-use financial modeling tool as dynamic as the times we currently face.

Real-time, intelligent financial modeling

FAMS is a secure, easy-to-use digital financial planning tool powered by thousands of modeling studies for hundreds of municipality clients.

FAMS product demo

Stantec vice president Andrew Burnham takes you on a tour of Stantec's powerful financial modeling system, designed to help government agencies manage complex capital and operational budget forecasting.

Case Study: St. Petersburg Stormwater User Fees

Using Stantec’s Financial Analysis & Management System (FAMS), the City of St. Petersburg, Florida modeled a revenue sufficiency analysis (RSA) to evaluate stormwater rate revenues over a multi-year projection period. Learn More

North America Funding Program and COVID-19

As COVID-19 funding in North America becomes available, Stantec specialists can help clients with funding research and strategy, application preparation, and grant administration. Learn More

Navigating budget challenges and developing a path to financial stability

Using FAMS, our team evaluated the impacts of adjusting key variables, including salary increases and the structure of the City’s employee healthcare plan. The City used our live modeling capabilities in townhall style sessions with employee groups to show how the City had reached a critical point requiring tough decisions to restrict cost growth. Read More
Built on solid foundations

Over the past 15 years
Our benchmarking database is built from more than 500 utilities
FAMS has served over 290 communities
Meet Our Experts

Andrew Burnham, Vice President, Water Management

I take pride in presenting complex information in a way that community leaders can understand and comfortably share with their stakeholders.
Andrew Burnham Vice President, Water Management Read More

James Bearman, Principal, Water

I create sustainable financial solutions for municipal water, sewer, electric and natural gas utilities in Michigan and across the country.

Amy Broughton, Principal, North America Funding Program, US West Lead

I want to hear about the context and issues before I start problem solving. Only then can we see the underlying patterns and opportunities.
Amy Broughton Principal, North America Funding Program, US West Lead Read More

David Hyder, Principal

When a community needs financial guidance, we provide a customized solution—not a cookie cutter approach.

Patrick Lytle, Senior Principal

As consultants, we are incredibly lucky to have careers that can offer a lifetime of learning and new experiences. Since joining Stantec, I feel like those opportunities are even more abundant.

Carol Malesky, Principal, Financial Services

I love when my client’s reach for what seems to be an unattainable goal and we go after it—and succeed!
Carol Malesky Principal, Financial Services Read More

William (Bill) Zieburtz, Director

Successful communities can only thrive when essential infrastructure meets the fundamental needs of public health, the environment, and local economies.

Andrew Burnham

Vice President, Water Management

James  Bearman

Principal, Water

Amy Broughton

Principal, North America Funding Program, US West Lead

David Hyder


Patrick Lytle

Senior Principal

Carol Malesky

Principal, Financial Services

William (Bill) Zieburtz


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