Risk Informed Decision Making

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Improving how we manage risk

Stantec has significant experience in applying Risk-Informed Decision-Making (RIDM) for dam owners around the world. Our teams understand the RIDM process and how to apply qualitative and quantitative approaches to assess and manage risk versus the more traditional standards-based approach (SBA) for an improved understanding of the safety of a dam.

The SBA has served the objective of dam safety well and is still an important component of prudent dam safety practice. However, the RIDM approach provides an improved understanding of the safety of a dam through the systematic analysis of the logic of potential failure mechanisms and evaluation of consequences, and a means to analyze and assess risks in areas where traditional standards are not established.

RIDM supports the development of targeted and tailored mitigation measures to prioritize the highest risks first so resources can be more efficiently allocated to improve dam safety.

Adding hydropower to a dam at Red Rock

We’re working with MRES to add hydropower to the existing Red Rock Dam in Pella, Iowa. Our job? To lead the design team for this 36-55 megawatt project that will deliver clean, renewable energy for generations to come.

Safeguarding our communities from future flooding events

With estimated damages exceeding $5 billion, 32 states of local emergency declared, and communities ordered to evacuate, the 2013 Southern Alberta flood was one of the costliest and most devastating natural disasters in Canadian history. Drawing on our safety expertise, Stantec’s solution diverts river water to an off-stream storage reservoir during extreme flood conditions. Later, after the flood peak, this excess water is released back into the river, a solution that will protect the surrounding communities for decades to come. Read More

Protecting a water supply for the next 50 years and beyond

It started with the inspection of the century-old Kentucky River Lock and Dam No. 9. We assessed the structure and looked at the above-water conditions, conducted dive inspections, and took samples. Our dam safety experts evaluated multiple dam raising alternatives, conducted a flood study of the river, and provided a structural analysis of the lock and dam components. Our recommendation? A new upstream dam. Read More


Asset Management Our Stantec Asset Management (SAM) sustainability experts help you find the most accurate, actionable data about your built assets so you can meet your environmental, social, and governance goals.
Construction Management & Inspection From strategy to implementation, our Construction Management & Inspection teams reduce costs and field rework on energy projects..
Due Diligence & Consulting Stantec works with public and private sector clients and financing institutions to provide due diligence and engineering support for asset valuation for acquisition, divestiture, and power and energy projects.
Planning, Feasibility Studies & Design Planning-stage decisions to address longer-term risk mitigation are key to cost control. Stantec experts provide comprehensive planning and design services focused on constructability and value.
Program Management We know from experience that delivering a complex project without surprises doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges, but our creative approach to planning and controls can head off most problems.
Rehabilitation & Upgrades In the hydropower market there has been a shift from new construction to refurbishment, upgrade and life extension of existing facilities.

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