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Smart & Connected Corridor Planning

Create connected, equitable, and resilient corridors

In many cities and towns, the infrastructure that supports safe travel in and around communities lacks needed innovation. By implementing smart solutions now, we can transform the transportation and mobility experience. We can make it future-ready, safer, healthier, and more efficient for everyone—from pedestrians, bicyclists, transit riders, and drivers to the most vulnerable users.

A connected corridor is a transportation link that harnesses the power of emerging technologies in smart, equitable, and resilient ways. It aims to serve all members of a community, now and in the future, while being economically and environmentally sustainable. It provides more mobility with less costly infrastructure through shared modes, creative management of space, and policies to incorporate technology to support residents and businesses.

These integrated corridors focus on user experience, data, technology, geospatial mapping, policy, and regulations to link communities and eliminate barriers.

Engaging the community in your corridor planning

Capturing and listening to the voices of those in the communities you serve matters—and ultimately makes all the difference in any successful connected corridor plan or strategic transportation plan.

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We’ve all seen it, projects full of unforeseen challenges like escalating costs, schedule delays, claims or worse. But did you know, your project could be delivered… without surprises?

Through experience, we know that you need to focus on doing the “right” project. But equally important, is ensuring you’re doing the “right project right”. Projects aligned with your business objectives, following a robust plan, implemented with the right amount of control by the right team of professionals.  Trusted advisors with a blend of business, technical and project management expertise to help you achieve a more predictable project outcome.

Are you certain that your project is aligned with your business objectives? Have you spent the right amount of time and money planning your project and defining your scope? Do you know how to identify and manage your key project risks? And during implementation, will you get timely and predictive reporting so you can make fully informed decisions?

At Stantec, our Program and Project Management team partners with clients to address these challenges… and more.

We start by conducting a project health assessment , no matter what stage of development you’re in. Then we recommend the appropriate project strategy, planning, and implementation services to help you achieve a predictable project outcome.

With independent and objective project management advice from Stantec, our clients have completed thousands of major capital and operational readiness projects across a diverse range of sectors. What was our part in those successes?

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Marek Krynski of project engineering of the Courtice Water Pollution Control Plant shared:

“Integrating themselves with our project team, Stantec often acted as a bridge among the owner, consultants, and contractor, helping us resolve issues and keep the project moving forward.”

Also, judges from the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Showcase Awards said

“This project demonstrates how to manage complexity and achieve predictable results that meet or exceed expectations.”

And finally, Mary McNeil former president and ceo of the BC Cancer Centre said:

“Without a doubt in my mind, this project was a success because of Stantec’s project manager’s skills.’

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Let’s be honest - a successfully managed project is key to your long-term career success, not to mention the success of your organization and the communities it serves.  Delivering a complex project without surprises doesn’t mean there won’t be challenges - but Stantec’s project management approach can head-off most problems and provide early warnings if action is required on the rest, meaning you won’t have to manage under crisis. 

So take control with Stantec Program & Project Management. A partner who’s committed to your success - to helping you achieve more a predictable project outcome.

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Taking a Smart(ER) approach to corridor planning and beyond

You can’t plan and realize smart corridors without implementing smart mobility solutions. Our team utilizes our Smart(ER) approach to bring equitable and resilient solutions to all mobility planning. By thinking Smart(ER) now, you can ensure future readiness when it comes to transportation infrastructure. Read More

Implementing innovative intelligent transportation systems (ITS) solutions

Critical to any smart and connected corridor are innovative ITS and transportation management and operations (TSMO) solutions. We’re not just corridor planning consultants; our team consists of ITS engineers, system integrators, and more—people who can help bring your vision to life and create better outcomes. Read More

Mobility hubs: Supporting first and last mile connections along the corridor

Much more than a bus stop, mobility hubs are networks—not nodes—of alternative mobility options critical to a sustainable and equitable transportation future. Learn more about mobility hubs and how they support first/last mile connections along integrated corridors and more. Read More
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