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  • Assessment of Alopecia Potentially Due to the Use of Hair Care Products


Evaluating possible hazards and exposures

Our nationally recognized advisors and scientists work alongside regulators to anticipate what regulatory agencies, non-governmental organizations, lawyers, and members of the public expect from producers and sellers from within a multitude of industries. Working with government agencies, in state and federal courts and on international science advisory panels, helps us share considerable insight regarding the known or anticipated health and environmental hazards posed by chemicals.

We work with a wide array of practice areas—as well as professionals in occupational medicine, biostatistics, and physiologically based pharmacokinetic modeling—to deliver services that form a holistic understanding of your toxicology risks and requirements.

Calling on our familiarity with global regulations, we can provide scientifically appropriate exposure assessments to satisfy regulatory demands—delivering rapid solutions to a wide variety of emerging issues.


Due to the increased usage—and availability—of pesticides and herbicides, communities have raised concerns regarding the human health and environmental impact of these compounds. Our ChemRisk team helps conduct human health or environmental risk assessments following product use, and we provide regulatory support and compliance as well as industry leading literature review and assessment.


Per- and polyfluoroalkylated substances (PFAS) are a family of synthetic chemicals found in many products, and evidence has shown that exposure to PFAS can lead to adverse effects. We’ve modeled the movement of PFAS from the primary impacted source through the environment—evaluating both direct and indirect exposure pathways—and used biomonitoring data to understand human exposures. We develop toxicity values, perform dose response assessments and hazard evaluations, and conduct historical exposure reconstructions.


Our Pharmaceutical Support team includes leaders in the development and implementation of risk assessment methods. They specialize in recognizing and characterizing potential health hazards posed by active pharmaceutical ingredients, raw materials, impurities, and contaminants, and they’ve developed hundreds of assessments and support documents for leading pharmaceutical industry clients. Need to understand and quantify your health-based exposure limits? We can help.


We have a deep understanding of polymer manufacturing and use, and we’ve evaluated a wide range of consumer products with polymer constituents, potentially detectable as microplastics in the environment or food. Our experience with polymer-related risk assessments includes rubber and plastic materials, polymer functional components (such as metals, phthalates, and perfluorinated compounds), and nanomaterials state of knowledge assessment.
We’re proud to participate in government panels to assess the health hazards posed by various chemicals
Papers Published

Our toxicologists have published and presented hundreds of papers that help businesses, regulators, and communities make the best possible decisions related to potential toxicological risks.

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