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Anticipating our future water and power needs

Water is one of the most powerful resources in the world, and hydropower has long been a producer of renewable energy. 

Our team works across all the facets of hydropower services, from keeping communities safe in times of devastation—such as flooding—to finding storage solutions that keep our most precious resource ready when we need it. Our aim? To deliver inventive solutions that solve your complicated challenges. 

We’ve contributed services, design, and consultation on hydropower and pumped storage projects from the upgrade of existing assets to feasibility studies for potential new build sites. 

No matter the scale of the project, we partner with you to enable access to environmentally sound renewable energy and clean, safe, and reliable drinking water in your community. 

Supporting your energy needs

Whether you need pumped storage or you’re investigating small hydropower solutions, our in-house teams have expertise across the board—from commissioning, construction, and operation through to delivering world-class, efficient, affordable, and reliable solutions to your energy needs. Our services extend from due diligence and initial site selection through to designing concepts with straightforward construction procedures.

Pacific Islands provided sustainable energy solutions

Many island nations are reliant on diesel for their energy needs. This fossil fuel is not only expensive and vulnerable to disruption, it’s also environmentally damaging. We help small island states to find clean, sustainable energy solutions using over 100-years of experience in hydropower and dam services. See how we did just this in Vanuatu. Read More

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