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Mini (Small) Hydro

Bigger isn’t always better when it comes to hydropower

While Stantec is at the forefront of pumped storage and hydropower technical expertise—and has historically worked on some of the most prominent global projects—our work is not all large scale. It isn’t all about building mega projects. And, as the challenges of consenting large infrastructure projects have become much harder and more risky, smaller hydro projects are becoming more and more important.

Of significance too, is the New Zealand Government’s commitment to 100% renewable energy generation and Net Zero Carbon targets. This means that the hydropower industry is stimulated to seek opportunities to help deliver these targets.

The delivery of highly flexible, fast-responding power generation sources has never been more important—and hydropower is perfect for this need. Our hydrologists collaborate with our electrical, mechanical, geological, and civil engineers to share knowledge, experience, and lessons learned so your projects are covered in all areas. 

Our mini hydro initiatives are an important step to help the industry create clean, renewable energy—and help our communities manage our resources through sustainable solutions. 

Small, economical, and efficient hydro

We understand and appreciate the critical dependence on cost-effective equipment, standardised design, and straightforward construction procedures to make small hydropower efficient and affordable. Our experts have relationships with small hydro manufacturers that help customise assets, so our clients’ projects are functional and energy efficient.

What's next for Aotearoa’s hydropower engineers?

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