• State Highway 58 Safety Improvements—Detailed Design
  • Exploratory Harbour Bores

Engineering Geology

Building on solid ground

The classic tale of the person who built their house on sand and the other who built on rock is a story about engineering geology. Before any structure can be built, engineering geologists look at the suitability of the land through the analysis of soil, rock, groundwater, and other natural conditions. 

Our team can help you with these analyses as well as risk assessments of geological hazards, checking if project sites meet all the requirements for construction to commence. 

We’ll work with you during the planning, design, and construction phases of any engineering project using modelling, mapping, and specialist knowledge to provide assurance and reduce any geological risks associated with your project. 

Wellington’s Water Seismic Resilience Scheme

The bridge location’s challenging geology presents fractured rock and shear zones—our team responded by designing an unconstrained flexible network arch bridge. 

Stantec recognised for climate action 

With climate change comes intensifying natural forces and increasingly frequent weather events, and floods and landslides are becoming the norm in Aotearoa. That’s why our geotechnical experts and engineering geologists are needed now more than ever—helping our clients plan for a resilient future and making communities stronger and safer. Stantec is a proud global leader in sustainable design and engineering and has been named one of Corporate Knights’ 2023 Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World.  Read More

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