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Major Event Planning

Making travel to and around events easy

The excitement of attending a major game, concert, or sporting event should be the focus—not the stress of getting there. Our goal is to see that arrival at the event, movement around the venue, and the departure home is so well planned that attendees don’t notice it at all. 

Moving large numbers of people in, around, and out of special event venues creates a spike in normal traffic congestion and the number of people around the venue itself. If not planned properly, these events can cause stress on local transport networks, confusion and discomfort at the venue, and disruption to traffic in surrounding communities. Our teams are experienced in helping communities prepare for events to minimise wider district impacts.

With well-designed operations plans for mobility, transport, and pedestrian movement, the journey to, around, and from an event won’t detract from the event experience. From initial site and facility planning to the detailed planning of event-based transport operations, we have the expertise to help you operate a successful event that will bring people back time and time again.

Stress-free event attendance

We’ve all been there, heading to a big game, a music concert or cultural event only to have the experience spoiled by congested and unorganised access to and exit from the venue. We can help with that. We’ve been assisting venues to alleviate the pressure of movement, so the fans leave shouting for more rather than vowing never to return and dreading their commute. The devils in the detail so thoughtful and thorough planning for such large events is critical. Read More

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