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Owner's Engineering

Advocacy, representation, and know-how

When a project owner needs to protect their interests, they appoint an owner’s engineer. Our team has decades of experience in these roles, serving as independent representatives on dam and hydropower engineering and construction projects. By providing project management and quality assurance support during all stages of a project’s lifecycle, we can help you on the long haul—partnering toward successful completion.

Our capabilities reach through the whole life cycle of the project, from conducting pre-feasibility, feasibility, and site studies to construction and commissioning services. We believe that high-quality, up-front planning is vital for a successful project outcome as well as safety and long-term reliability.

When a project goes to construction, we can help you by providing technical oversight and supervision over contractors for adherence to project specifications, timing, and costs. Not only can our engineers assist with filling resource gaps, but they can review technical proposals while also helping with contract and construction management.

Partnering to optimise outcomes

As part of the owner’s engineering service we provide, quality planning and technical oversight helps you keep costs down and timing on track. But it’s more than that. We partner with you by getting to know your project and your team inside and out, so together we can optimise the desired outcome and build lasting relationships for the future.

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