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Pedestrian Modelling

Maximising user experience

Do you want to get more patronage on public transport services, plan for a major event, or increase the capacity of a stadium?  

Our Pedestrian Modelling team helps resolve crowd flow movement challenges using a variety of pedestrian analysis and software modelling techniques. We look at the design layout of new or expanded areas, and we also consider a variety of travel characteristics like walking speeds, different direction patterns, and methods of vertical movement such escalators, lifts, and stairs. Using pedestrian modelling techniques, we can maximise user experience while also quantifying and visualising what their movement patterns will look like.

Combining pedestrian behaviour and movement, we can analyse whether your design, operational measures, or infrastructure improvements will achieve the required levels of service for patrons—creating a more enjoyable customer experience and optimising the capacity of the space. 

Making visitor movement seamless

In South Korea, the 2018 Winter Olympics attracted over 60,000 visitors to their central plaza area. Using our powerful pedestrian planning tools and our experience working on multiple Olympic game events, we were able to determine the complex audience interactions through the space. This model helped our clients determine and optimise their operational plans for the venue. Read More

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