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At Stantec, we believe in being SaferTogether™—looking out for the health and safety of ourselves and those around us, whether we’re at work, at home, or in our communities. We strive toward an interdependent safety culture, one in which safety is a team effort where we work together to identify hazards, discuss controls, and communicate our plan for how to work safely with everyone involved.

We have proactive discussions on the prevention of injuries and loss, equip our people with the knowledge they need to work safely, promote trust and cooperation, and recognise that safety is crucial everywhere, not just at work.

Each year we ask all employees to complete a personal safety motivator poster. This prompts employees to think about one thing they will commit to in each area of health, safety, security, and the environment. We encourage employees to print these and share them with others—also to post them at their workstation or somewhere at home to remind them of what they can do to make a difference.

Our Health, Safety, Security, and Environment (HSSE) programme is our commitment to putting people first—employees, clients, partners, subcontractors, and community members—and doing what’s right by responsibly managing all environmental aspects of our business.

We empower employees

Using a combination of practices, tools, resources, and training, we help our employees manage risks in dynamic work environments. Every employee knows that they have a Stop Work Authority—the ability to stop work immediately if they’re aware of an unsafe act or condition that could place anyone in danger, or if they aren’t confident in the work plan. Our Safe Work Practices help our teams identify hazards and implement the necessary controls. We have more than 60 of them, and our teams use them to safely plan their work activities.


Our goal: be a leader in sustainability by doing business in a way that meets present needs while contributing to an environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable future. Our Integrated Management System (IMS) diminishes environmental risk by fostering an understanding of sustainability at all levels of the organisation in ways that are both personally and professionally relevant. We work to reduce the environmental impact of our operations and monitor compliance with environmental regulations.

Stantec awarded the RoSPA Order of Distinction Gold Medal

This award recognises Stantec’s SaferTogether™ culture across its UK and Ireland operations and its commitment to continuous improvement in preventing accidents and ill health at work. Learn More
Being SaferTogether™ and thinking proactively helps us minimize risks.
Total Recordable Incident Rate (TRIR) for 2021
Leading indicators in calendar year 2021

Leading indicators are proactive measures designed to help prevent injuries.

Last Minute Risk Assessment

Our Last Minute Risk Assessment reminds employees to stop and think before starting a new task or when there’s a change in work scope or work environment. Employees check to see if there are any new hazards, identify potential impacts, and consider how to eliminate or control the risk. Only after a deliberate situational assessment do they begin or resume work.

Critical Risk Controls

Critical risks have the greatest potential to cause serious injuries, incidents, and fatalities. Our HSSE team has identified 12 critical risks based on the work that we do and our experience. These are the hazards that our employees encounter every day in a variety of environments. Learn More

The Energy Wheel

A graphic tool that contains the 10 sources of energy that can create hazards in our work, the Energy Wheel is very valuable in our hazard recognition, assessment, and control process. We use it to safely plan our work and to mitigate and control risks. This is especially important when conducting critical risk activities. To support our employees, we have created the Energy Wheel Field Guide: Incident prevention for critical risk activities—which you can review below. Review Online
Expert Spotlight

Claire Hyde, UK HSSE Manager

Our SaferTogether culture thrives on positive conversations, knowledge, and relationships to enhance our physical and psychological safety.

Claire Hyde

UK HSSE Manager

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