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Better Places for a Better Quality of Life

April 25, 2023

Current View

An evidence-based approach to understanding social value outcomes

There is a huge opportunity to deliver much more value and benefit to the wellbeing of communities through the way we design and deliver new development.

This report makes clear the importance and potential of taking an evidence-based approach to social value and using it to make better-informed decisions in spatial planning and land use.

  • Juliet Clark

    With 20 years of consulting in health, social and economic assessment, strategic site development research and planning, and inclusive design for accessibility, Juliet works with developers and technical leads to minimise impacts on communities.

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  • Andy Porter

    Andy has spent the last ten years exploring his passion for innovation using digital technology. He is particularly excited about the innovation needed to meet our global decarbonisation and climate resilience goals through data and collaboration.

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