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Published on WWT Online: The robots aren't coming... they’re already here

June 14, 2019

Current View

By Daniel Causley

Stantec’s Dan Causley looks at advances in technology and their role in boosting productivity in the UK water sector

‘The robots are coming!’ It’s a phrase that has entered common usage not just from post-war sci-fi films and school playgrounds but also with modern-day economists, scientists, humanitarians and engineers among others. 

The perceived threat to humanity from technology had captured the imagination of the entire world. In the 19th century, it was weaving machines threatening jobs and cars taking over from horse transport. Leaping forward to the 1950s, a variety of technologies emerged that initially were feared but now, many would argue, we can’t live without—the microchip, the passenger jet, the remote control, the washing machine and dishwasher.

The technological advances in industry allow humans, with real-life experience, to make smarter decisions, while freeing up time to collaborate with peer groups and co-workers to develop the next technological advances.

In the engineering sector, 3D modelling of solutions is not new. But there is still some reluctance to fully embrace this approach, with some still preferring to look at and ‘red pen’ a printed 2D drawing. This still works, but he ability to view, comment and collaborate on an accurate and visually pleasing solution in a live environment is bringing drastic improvements in delivery efficiency.

In this WET News article, Stantec’s Lead Design Engineer Dan Causley looks at the advances in technology and their role in boosting productivity in the UK water sector, allowing easier access to information and enhancing the ability to make smarter and more informed decisions.

Read ‘The Robots aren’t coming… they’re already here’ published by WET News and featured on WWT Online

  • Daniel Causley

    Daniel leads a team of data analysts, data engineers, coding experts and statistical specialists focused on developing innovative digital solutions predominantly in the water sector, though working across our sectors.

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