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Grid Smarter Cities Kerbside Appeal

Commissioned to assess digital kerb management products, our research shows the benefits of managing the kerbside with smart technology

  • London, United Kingdom

    London, United Kingdom

Helping cities breathe easier with smarter kerbside management

In a busy world that depends more than ever on kerbside delivery services, Grid Smarter Cities connects people with transport, parking, and goods and services. With the goal of making city kerbside activity smarter and easier to manage, the North-East based technology company commissioned us to undertake a benefits appraisal of their suite of digital kerbside management products—kerb control, kerb delivery, and kerb construction. The goal? To understand how their products can create a dynamic manageable asset for the benefit of both kerb users (service and delivery companies) and kerb owners (local authorities).

We assessed the digital kerb management products using the Department of Transport’s Transport Appraisal Guidance. As part of the assessment, a range of parameters and metrics were defined, such as delivery slot duration, kerbside capacity, and kerbside demand. These assumptions were then used to examine the performance of the products in different urban settings and to compare costs.

Our research demonstrated that better management of the kerbside could bring a wide range of economic benefits to delivery operators and road users by reducing the need for vehicles to circulate while looking for a safe space to make a delivery—which in turn helps reduce causes of congestion and emissions and makes delivery operations more efficient.

Grid Smarter Cities and Stantec have released a report featuring smarter solutions to managing the kerbside challenge in London. Read ‘Loads Easier: Unlocking the power of the kerb’ report here.

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David Bowers

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