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Thames Water London Plan 2100

Planning for the next 25, 50, and 80 years

  • London, United Kingdom

    London, United Kingdom

Creating and refining options to face the ongoing challenges of wastewater management in a dense urban population

From changing regulations and population growth demographics to climate change, economics, and disruptive technology, Thames Water faces a number of significant long-term challenges. There isn’t just one solution, but there is one plan—a holistic, long-term strategy. The goal? To ensure that London’s wastewater needs can be sustainably provided and secured for the future.

Our teams have been working in partnership with Thames Water over several asset management plan (AMP) cycles, and our projects have included a variety of services ranging from program management and business strategy to asset management and water and wastewater engineering. We were appointed to undertake the case for change technical study, and we’re also part of London Plan 2100, a strategic review of London’s wastewater services. Stantec provided strategic foresight expertise, developed and refined options through studies and assessments, benchmarked solutions from other international cities, and provided the overall management of the London 2100 program of activities.

We produced a series of stand-alone technical documents making use of geographical information system (GIS) technology, and we created an online user interface to visually illustrate the impacts of changes in population forecasts. This solution brought the information to life better than creating a technical document alone could do. The presentation detailed the future challenges impacting wastewater services—and the implications for strategic planning going forward. Our reports examined likely challenges over 25, 50, and 80-year planning horizons including detailed assessments of population growth, technological advances, land availability/valuation, legislative change, and climate impacts.

As work continues on the London 2100 plan, Thames Water can be confident that their asset management, long-term planning, and forecasting will keep them delivering quality service and improving public value through responsible stewardship.

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