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Health, Social Value, & Inclusive Design

Shaping places that are fit for the future

As a community grows in size and population, its social and environmental needs grow as well.

With our expertise and focus engrained in sustainability, we ensure our spaces bring health, equality, and social value improvements across demographics, socioeconomics, and protected characteristics within society. Whether you’re working on inclusive infrastructure, planning wayfinding routes, or designing equitable play areas, we can help.

We assess the different needs of individuals and groups to deliver equitable places and developments—in line with the UK Equality Act and built with community in mind. 

Health and wellbeing

Climate change is exacerbating inequalities in our communities and harming health and wellbeing—from urban heat islands making parks too hot to insufficient insulation making homes unsafe or expensive. Our goal? To implement resilient design, informed by health impact assessments and research. We work to improve health through climate-positive measures such as green infrastructure and low-carbon, active travel options, and we aim to improve wellbeing by keeping people connected with families, social activities, and opportunities.

Social value

Our designs and work contribute to equality in society, delivering social value by building better places and communities—improving the lives of those who live, work, and play in them. If you’re working on high-quality places and spaces, infrastructure improvements, or levelling up opportunities across the UK, we’ll help you design to enhance quality of life, resilience, livability, and safety.

Equalities and inclusive design

We understand the intrinsic link between people, movement, development, economics, and place, and we incorporate that understanding so our designs address inclusive placemaking. Through equality impact assessments, research, and industry partnerships—and upholding the Equality Act—we identify how our built environment can expose inequalities and find solutions to ensure your places are more equitable.

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