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Nature-based Flood Risk & Water Management Solutions

Collaboratively and holistically reducing flood risk with multi-benefit solutions

Flooding can cause devastation to our communities and environment as well as impact how we live and work. Climate change, urbanisation, topography, coastal erosion, and population growth all increase our flood risk. Through the delivery of sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and blue-green infrastructure, we can sustainably mitigate the risk of flooding.

The responsibility of drainage and stormwater is shared across many industries, organisations, government bodies, and communities. Our job? To help bridge the gap between interested parties and promote collaborative, nature-positive solutions.

Drawing upon the expertise of our team members, we can help you deliver long-term flood risk and stormwater resilience options including feasibility studies, SuDS, pocket parks, swales, wetlands, and floodplain restoration.

Holistically building flood resilience

We need to integrate measures that mitigate climate change and incorporate environmental conservation and protection through project delivery. Using systems and catchment-based approaches, we collaborate with a range of clients, communities, and stakeholders to build in efficiency while increasing flood resilience.

Responsible water management solutions

Implementing responsible water management solutions is essential for enabling access to this vital resource. Such initiatives encompass efficient distribution, conservation, and recycling methods. Our job? Aiming to meet consented requirements without compromising the future. Responsible water management not only addresses scarcity, but also mitigates pollution, supports ecosystems, and fosters equitable access, supporting a balanced and resilient water supply for generations to come.

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