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Nature-based Water Quality Solutions

Working with nature to provide clean water, sustainably

Water quality can be impacted in many ways throughout the water cycle: water runoff from highways can contain microplastics, oil, and fuel, wastewater can contain matter from households, water courses can contain bacteria, and nutrient pollution can cause all sorts of problems.

Our goal? To work collaboratively with you to deliver sustainable, nature-based solutions for water treatment—whether that involves water and wastewater treatment works, water cleansing at the source, or some other solution.

We understand the challenges within the industry and work within all aspects, being active from policy and practice through to project delivery. In doing so, we use our global and regional expertise to deliver nature-based solutions to create a resilient, sustainable network.

We can help you scope possible sites and work with your community on land purchase, and we can provide wetland design services and water quality assessments. Let us help you improve the conditions of watercourses, protect the natural environment, and deliver water from your tap at the highest quality possible.

Innovating wetland design to provide nature-based solutions

Each site faces its own challenges, and we’re equipped with the global and regional knowledge to help you overcome those challenges. Whether a site has constraints due to railway systems or geological or topographical challenges—or if you’re interested in finding if your site is suitable—we’re on hand to find the most nature-based applicable solution possible for your needs.

Providing nature-positive solutions through hybrid designs

The land requirement for fully green solutions can be large. That’s why we work with our clients to examine the area available and provide options that are appropriate. Creating truly sustainable projects means working with blue (water), green (vegetation), and grey (constructed) infrastructure—essentially hybrid solutions.

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