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Towards Net Zero & Beyond

Helping clients address a defining issue of our time

Do you feel the urgency? We do. Do you also see the need to act? So do we.

As design and consulting professionals, we have learned that the greatest influence we can have on reducing CO₂ emissions comes from the creative, innovative climate solutions we provide to our clients. We know first-hand what this means because we too have pledged to be operational net zero—reflecting our active participation in the race to zero.

We’re here to support our clients as they identify and develop their carbon goals. To help design and implement climate solutions to support their carbon action plans. We’re here to measure and monitor the progress of their carbon reduction targets. Together, we will ensure successful action that helps reduce climate change.

Only by addressing climate change today can we create the resilient and sustainable communities of tomorrow.

Engineered solutions

We’re at a time when engineered solutions continue to make strides in the fight against climate change. The use of new energy sources like hydrogen, the development of smart mobility, and the use of wastewater in the circular economy all come from engineered solutions. Through innovative climate solutions, we help our clients transition to renewable energy, supporting carbon-free economies. Read More

Community solutions

Social value continues to have an important role in climate change as human behavior will help drive successful adoption and resiliency. As designers and consultants, we see the importance of the human element in smart cities, urban planning, buildings, nature-based solutions, and energy transition. Acting locally has never mattered more. Read More

Explore the Climate Solutions wheel

We know our greatest influence on improving climate outcomes stems from the creative, innovative, and integrated Climate Solutions we provide to our clients and communities. We see the linkages between climate risk, climate action, climate adaptation and GHG mitigation. Our approach is summarised in the Climate Solutions Wheel. Explore


Climate Advisory Services Our team helps complete climate change risk assessments and climate scenario analyses that clarify the project decision-making process—and help clients develop climate action goals.
Resilient Adaptation & Mitigation We’re working with our clients to improve infrastructure, environment, and community resilience in preparation for climate change impacts.
Sustainability & Building Performance We blend art and science to help clients realize the full potential of their projects in terms of life cycle cost, energy efficiency, carbon reduction, human health, and wellness.
Protecting, Enhancing the Natural Environment Designing solutions which enhance our environment.
Sustainability, Energy & Climate Change Our advice on carbon management and resource efficiency, climate change and resilience, natural and social capital, helps our clients select sustainable solutions.
Planning, Consenting & Approvals Enabling economic development by solving environmental challenges.
Environmental Consulting Our environmental consultants work closely alongside our planners, engineers and economists to integrate environmental considerations into all stages of the design process.

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