Waste Advisory & Management

  • Longshot Lane Household Waste Recycle Centre

    Capacity and access solutions

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  • Docksway Landfill

    Restoring a “dilute and disperse” municipal landfill

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  • Abbey Wood and South Thamesmead Masterplan

    Regeneration of the iconic South Thamesmead Estate

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Planning, permitting and management of waste and facilities

We advise waste producers on waste classification and materials management; developers and architects on waste infrastructure requirements; and the waste sector on the planning, permitting, monitoring, development, and redevelopment, of waste management infrastructure from landfills, through to recycling and treatment facilities, to large Energy from Waste plants.

The development of sustainable Infrastructure and the effective management of resources go hand in hand.

Natalie Maletras Director, Waste & Resources

Waste Solutions and Underground Refuse Storage (URS)

Stantec, in partnership with developer clients, and increasingly through local authority demand, is working to implement innovative waste collection arrangements, including underground refuse storage (URS). While in Europe such systems have been widely and successfully operating for many years, historically only smaller pockets of use have been in operation within certain London boroughs. This is changing. Read More

Waste Management Advice for Land Development Projects

Our waste team in the UK work closely with our land development clients to ensure that not only national, regional and local waste requirements are satisfied, but that they support and align with the development’s vision and priorities. Read More
Expert Spotlight

Natalie Maletras, Director, Waste & Resources

The development of sustainable Infrastructure and the effective management of resources go hand in hand.
Natalie Maletras Director, Waste & Resources Read More

Michael Robinson-Moltke, Senior Waste Consultant

A successful waste strategy will both reduce project costs and elevate the environmental credibility of a scheme.
Michael Robinson-Moltke Senior Waste Consultant Read More

Chris Berryman, Principal Consultant, Waste & Resources Management

Waste is an invaluable resource, and leading waste management expertise is crucial in supporting circular economy and natural capital goals.
Chris Berryman Principal Consultant, Waste & Resources Management Read More

Catherine Copping, Senior Associate

We unlock the potential of land affected by contamination by promoting integrated solutions and sustainable development.

Natalie Maletras

Director, Waste & Resources

Michael Robinson-Moltke

Senior Waste Consultant

Chris Berryman

Principal Consultant, Waste & Resources Management

Catherine Copping

Senior Associate

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Design & Construction Support Environment support through the project lifecycle.
Development Management Our development management services range from the planning application and appeals processes, expert witness work, public and stakeholder engagement to provide a comprehensive offer to our clients.
Freight & Logistics We understand the complexity of supply chains, and the delivery, servicing and waste management needs of different land uses.
Plan Making & Evidence We have a wide range of experience in-house to deliver policy and evidence based projects along with an in depth understanding of the detailed numbers and data behind the strategic outcomes.
Protecting, enhancing the Natural Environment Designing solutions which enhance our environment.
Resource Recovery Services Generating opportunities from waste.
Sustainability, Energy & Climate Change Our strategic advice on carbon management and resource efficiency, climate change and resilience, natural and social capital, helps our clients select sustainable solutions.
Sustainability & Building Performance We blend art and science to help clients realise the full potential of their projects in terms of life cycle cost, energy efficiency, carbon reduction, human health, and wellness.

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