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  • New Footscray Hospital
  • Victorian Cancer Care Centre VCCC


Healthcare spaces that specialise in people

When our physical, mental, or social wellbeing is compromised, we often feel overwhelmed and vulnerable, so it’s important that the healthcare environments we create promote a reassuring sense of warmth and wellbeing.

We design our vital healthcare places to be efficient, attractive, functional, and technically robust. Places that optimise the experience for everyone involved—patients, residents, families, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, and support staff. 

People are at the centre of our design focus.

No matter where your healthcare focus lies, Stantec’s multi-disciplinary health consultants have the skills and experience to guide you through the design process, delivering buildings to suit every stage of human development. 

Putting people at the heart of our approach leads to best practice design, technical innovation, and high-performance healthcare delivery. 

Putting health in our hands

We design spaces that optimise healthcare delivery—enhancing experiences for those receiving and giving care. And we create environments that promote ground-breaking research and world-class clinical provision. By focusing on both groups—those accessing healthcare as well as those working in the health sector—we’re inspired to design projects that are at the forefront of best practice, innovation, and high-performance healthcare delivery. Read More

Can we harness existing technology to fight coronaviruses?

With UV light used widely as an accepted tool for disinfection and germ control, we’re exploring the possibility of its use to neutralise coronaviruses in circulation spaces without compromising public safety through exposure. Read More

Senior care: A focus on comfort and amenities

The transition away from independent living doesn’t have to be difficult. Senior care buildings and their amenities should be client-driven, offering a home-from-home experience that doesn’t compromise on quality or lifestyle. Read More

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