• Fraser Coast Water Supply Security Strategy
  • Mooloolah River Flood Study
  • Old Gympie Road Upgrades
  • Bega and Brogo Rivers Flood Warning System

Water Resources

Making the most of all your water resources

In an ancient land of droughts and flooding rains, a flood can cause devastation in a matter of hours. Analysing how water flows is critical to planning and safeguarding our communities.

Our Water Resources team quantify, plan, and design solutions to help understand and manage the impact of the extremes of rainfall on our natural and built spaces.

We listen to communities and collaborate with clients, at every level, across all areas of water resources—flood risk, flood resilience, sustainable stormwater, design, and water security.

If you’re looking to be better prepared for climatic extremes in the future, we can help you with an integrated resource planning approach. By using industry leading software, tools, and techniques, we’ll design and deliver sustainable, locally led, regionally delivered, and globally supported outcomes.

Flood Resilience

Communities become more resilient against flood risks when they improve their response plans across the entire spectrum of flood emergency management actions and measures. Let us help you figure out how to improve your preparedness. Read More

Sustainable stormwater

We provide planning and design services to minimise the impacts of urban and infrastructure development on the environment, the hydrological cycle, and local communities. How? We’re transforming stormwater from risk to resource through an integrated stormwater management approach. Read More

Water security

We have comprehensive experience in the assessment and management of water supply systems. Our services span quantitative assessment of the level of reliability of water resources informed by catchment hydrology, through to providing planning advice on system mitigation and improvement. Read More

Community flood action plan

A river carves a landscape over hundreds of years— a flood can cause devastation in a matter of hours. Our community flood action plans (CFAPs) outline clear and concise triggers and actions to follow for the community in an emergency. Comprehending how waters works on timescales ranging from days to centuries is critical to managing it effectively and safeguarding our communities. Read More

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