Asset Management

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Delivering value from physical and natural assets

How do organisations define value and make the best decisions in relation to their assets? By getting advice. Each asset is unique, and it takes experience and expertise to interpret and understand the best way forward in asset management. Our team can help you through this process.
We have more than 25 years of experience in developing practical and fit-for-purpose asset management plans, all designed to meet the needs of your organisation and people.

A one-size-fits-all approach to asset management doesn’t work. That’s why we follow best practices specific to your organisation and the environment. We take the time to understand your business, what opportunities for improvement there are, and how to achieve these effectively.

We recognise that sustainable improvement in asset management relies on supporting staff capability and forward planning. Let us help you and your people get the best value out of your assets—making the informed decisions that improve your business.

Asset strategy

Asset management starts with leadership at the highest level and is best expressed with a sound strategy. That’s how you realise value from assets under management. With our experience in ISO 55001, we can help your leadership and teams develop plans and asset management frameworks—as well as implement best practice systems—that make those strategies work.

Asset Planning

Our business consulting and advisory services are focused on helping you identify opportunities and evolve the delivery of interventions. We aim to maximise the efficiency of system engineering TOTEX and carbon whilst achieving sustainable outcomes and societal benefit.

Infrastructure valuation and financial sustainability

We’ve developed comprehensive capital cost forecasting tools to assist clients in many applications including statutory valuations, renewals forecasting, capital cost benchmarking, and capital expenditure governance reviews. With this cost intelligence, we help asset managers make informed decisions that promote financial sustainability.

Lifecycle delivery

Encompassing technical design and operational services, our Lifecycle Delivery team can cover the entire lifecycle of your assets. We support clients at every step—from the design, construction support, commissioning, optimisation, integration, and handover of new assets to the operational and maintenance optimisation of existing assets. We work to improve best practices by developing technical standards and the best TOTEX solutions.

Digital solutions for asset health and condition

Understanding your assets and their condition is key to operational success. Using our data and digital assessment systems, we help gather this information efficiently, leading to a more comprehensive asset management plan. If you want to find out more on how we’re conducting asset condition assessments, saving time and resources. Read More

Trust and asset management—lessons from the energy crisis

How important is trust when managing huge budgets and important infrastructure? And how does the right asset-management system support trust? Learn More

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