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Hydrological Sciences

From underground up

Water is one of the most powerful resources on the planet, the critical lifeblood of people and communities. Our experts understand and value water’s importance and bolster their effort to provide sustainable, innovative, and economical solutions to water challenges—providing solutions that help deliver your projects.

We assess your project’s footprint and how the water cycle will affect the outcomes, using a suite of modelling platforms and impact assessments. From groundwater and surface water optimisation through to climate change and risk management, our team is ready to help guide your decision-making process. Our services include strategic water resource option development, sustainability programs, and catchment-led approaches, among others.

Our goal? To provide you with water systems that are managed in a sustainable, accountable, and transparent way—a way that ultimately cares for the communities where we live and work.

Better water management for a sustainable future

Our multidisciplinary teams are interconnected, just like the groundwater and surface water systems they study. Through research and pure passion, our scientists have a deep understanding of water’s life force, from micronutrients to organisms and intricacies of the ecosystems we need and value. Our aim? To create better management approaches and smarter designs that will help improve sustainability and manage environmental impact.

Surface water is a precious resource

From the largest lakes and rivers to the smallest streams and ponds, water is found across the Earth’s surface. Appropriate water levels, flow rates, and quality are critical for our communities—human and ecological—to thrive. From baseline feasibility evaluations and environmental impact studies to complex, site-wide, watershed-scale water balance models and stormwater management planning, we can work with you to develop a pragmatic, cost-effective surface water management solution.

Sustainable management of groundwater resources

We support you with solutions to identify, minimise, and mitigate potential impacts on groundwater systems—to protect existing uses, sensitive ecosystems, and connected waterways. Our team of hydrogeologists evaluate water resource availability, complete conceptual and computer modelling, and provide site selection and design advice. With our integrated environmental science, engineering, and planning expertise enables, us to provide innovative, practical hydrogeological services and solutions to our communities.

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