• St Ives Gold Mine Closure
  • Mt Rawdon Pumped Hydro Energy Storage
  • Northwest Australia Vegetation Recognition
  • Argyle Diamond Mine Closure

Mine Closure, Rehabilitation & Geoscience

Second-life opportunities—reclaiming and remediating

Every mining project has a life cycle and will eventually come to an end. What happens next after all the excavators and tools are shipped out? Are there any environmental prospects left? Our team of experts consider environmental, economic, social, and regulatory factors when designing solutions for mine closure and rehabilitation.

With our experience, we can help guide walk-away solutions—we endeavour to meet safety factors such as chemical stability or we can investigate ways of giving an empty mine a second life.  
Our global experts are skilled when it comes to the required monitoring and our experience with closure brings peace of mind. Whether investigating the ecological value of the land or probing into creating a hydropower energy source, we consider each project and the impact and value it will add to our communities—always at the heart of what we do.

Reclaiming the land using data

By using software such as PRAC™ (Progressive Rehabilitation and Closure), a tool providing a systematic approach to capturing closure-related data in one location, we can design remediation solutions that improve the lives of the community. Using historical regional and site data, we can target our site characterization efforts. Through the data collection process, we can identify and address immediate site threats early using proven and accepted technologies in reclamation design and construction.

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