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Mine Closure, Rehabilitation & Geoscience

Second-life opportunities—rehabilitating and repurposing

Every mining project has a life cycle that will eventually come to an end. What happens next, after the machines fall silent? Our team considers environmental, economic, social, and regulatory factors when designing solutions for mine closure and rehabilitation.

With our experience, we can help closed mines transition to a second life—we design to meet criteria such as chemical and physical stability while identifying new uses that could benefit the community and the environment.

Our global professionals are skilled when it comes to the required planning, monitoring, and execution, and our work with closure brings peace of mind. Whether investigating the ecological value of the land or probing into creating a hydropower energy source, we consider each project and the impact and value it will add to our communities—because communities are always at the heart of what we do.

Transforming assets, one mine at a time

Nexus Flow™ is a cloud-based integrated mine closure planning and management application that streamlines the closure process to support operational efficiency. Regardless of the number of mine facilities, Nexus Flow centralises and integrates all relevant closure and rehabilitation data into one system-agnostic hub. This means planning for the future of your mine assets becomes faster, easier, and more cost effective.

A dedicated team of geoscience professionals

Our geoscientists and engineers play a crucial role in mine closure and rehabilitation. They can assess the stability of pit walls, waste dumps and tailings facilities, checking that they are safe and environmentally sound. Our hydrogeologists study groundwater movement to prevent contamination, while our geochemists analyse soil and water quality to mitigate potential pollution risks. Read More

Geospatial technologies guide sustainable mine closure

Our geospatial team works with the latest technologies for monitoring, planning, and managing post-mining landscapes such as remote sensing, geographic information systems (GIS) and geospatial modelling. Real time monitoring through sensors and drones helps to track vegetation regrowth, erosion, and water quality, supporting ongoing site stability. By harnessing these technologies, we can make your mine closure efforts more efficient, informed, and environmentally responsible. Read More

A comprehensive approach to the prevention of Acid Rock Drainage

Acid and metalliferous drainage (AMD), sometimes known as acid rock drainage (ARD) is caused by minerals reacting with oxygen and moisture to create sulfuric acid. The runoff can leach heavy metals and toxic elements from the surrounding rocks, contaminating rivers, streams, and groundwater. Preventing AMD requires a combination of proactive measures throughout the mining life cycle. Our mine water and contaminated land specialists know how to implement the right solutions to avoid or mitigate AMD at your mine.

Assessing the water quality of pit lakes

Pit lake sampling involves the collection and analysis of water and sediment samples from open-pit mines. Our specialists evaluate the water quality, assess any potential environmental impact, and evaluate the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem formed within the pit, determining whether any contaminants are leaching into the pit lake and potentially impacting surrounding water bodies. Our pit lake sampling can assist remediation efforts and mitigate any negative effects on aquatic life, human health, and the environment.

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