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USSD 2024 – Stantec Presentation Schedule

April 09, 2024

Listen in as Stantec thought leaders amplify the importance of the dam safety at this important annual conference

2024 USSD Annual Conference & Exhibition
April 22-26, 2024
Seattle, Washington

#StantecProud to be on the ground exchanging ideas with more than 800 dam and levee professionals advancing solutions and the science behind the planning, designing, constructing, and operation and maintenance of dams and levees.

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Tuesday, April 23

11:20 AM – Understanding Key Factors in LifeSim Modeling in Support of Portfolio Risk Assessment: A Case Study of Three Dams in Southern California
Presenter: Carmen Bernedo Sanchez

2:05 PM – Unexpected Seismic Behavior of Passively Anchored Spillway Tainter Gates Shown in Nonlinear Analyses
Presenter: Juan Quiroz

3:40 PM – Priest Rapids Right Embankment Improvement Project – Design and Construction of Downstream Replacement Dam to Address Potential Liquefaction of Existing Dam's Foundation
Presenter: Hannah Maas, Co-Authors: Greg Rollins, Thomas Andrews

4:30 PM – Shaping Blocks and Foundation Beneficiation Features of the Raised Gross Dam
Presenter: Glenn Tarbox

4:30 PM – Incorporating Cultural Values to the Determination of Dam Consequence Classification
Presenter: Kate Peach

Wednesday, April 24

8:45 AM – Towards Smart TARPS: Setting Dynamic Instrument Thresholds Using Simple Multivariable Analyses
Presenter: Lucy Philip

9:10 AM – John Martin Dam: Issue Evaluation Study Field Investigation Program and Testing
Presenter: Ben Halada

10:45 AM – A Tool for Estimating Consequence Classification of Small Dams in an Urban Setting
Presenter: Reza Ghavasieh

2:20 PM – Tailings Dams Engineer of Record: Terms of Reference Development and Use
Presenter: Amanda Adams

3:30 PM – Challenges Associated with Extreme Flood Analysis of a 15,000 Square Mile Basin Spanning Arizona and New Mexico Critical Storm Study
Presenter: Rouzbeh Berton

Thursday, April 25

8:00 AM – Workshop: Verification and Validation Process in Advanced Analyses of Concrete Dams
Presenters: Farzad Abedzadeh AnarakiMohammadreza Mostafa

Friday, April 26

8:00 AM – Field Tour: Instrumentation Lifecycle: Planning, Installation, Maintenance and Troubleshooting Considerations
Presenter: John Hynes

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