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Unlocking the potential of digital solutions

September 29, 2021

By Grant Holman

Stantec’s Grant Holman speaks with the Property Council of Australia about unlocking the potential of digital solutions

Commercialising data is not original, Holman states, as property groups are now leaping towards innovative solutions that add an extra layer of value to their businesses, customers, and, surprisingly their rivals. Previously, the property sector focused on technology, data, and automation through fixed “internal efficiencies,” Holman says.

One improved efficiency is trust distributions that formerly took weeks for real estate businesses to perform can now be achieved in a mere 28 seconds, a highly robust saving. However, internal efficiencies are now transitioning beyond the organisation, Holman adds. “The leaders who externalise their data and tools can create efficiencies for the whole industry.”

Through its property lifecycle platform, one of our major Australian-based development clients is utilising an end-to-end digital platform that supports data-driven decisions and a suite of digital products and services that suppliers, clients and competitors can use.

Read the full article in Property Australia.

  • Grant Holman

    Grant has a clear view on where our industry is heading: technology will continue to have a significant influence on our work, and he believes the common thread will always be the people involved.

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