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Sport & Entertainment Districts

We know the importance sport and entertainment districts play in our cities—they help create connection, inspiration, and investment in their surrounding communities.

We design places where people love to be together

A district that truly shines is one that creates people-centered experiences. It is a place that hosts the nail-biting baseball games, the conferences and concerts that lodge vividly in people's memories and generates the smaller things: the excitement in the plaza, the cheer in the bars and restaurants, and the sense of belonging on the sidewalks, every day of the year.

The periods when there isn’t a game, event, or conference are equally important, and we think beyond the anchor facilities towards a long-term strategy to bring housing, hospitality, and additional retail and office to ultimately spread benefits throughout the district and beyond. 

We have a highly experienced, passionate, and integrated planning and design team with a collective ambition and commitment to deliver districts that serve the community, attract business, and keep visitors returning.

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