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4 questions transit agencies should be asking about AVs right now

June 23, 2021

For METRO Magazine, Stantec GenerationAV™’s Marie-France Laurin shares 4 questions every transit agency should be asking right now to plan for AVs

We are at a watershed moment when it comes to our transportation system. Mobility technology — particularly autonomous vehicles (AVs) — has been advancing at a tremendous pace. While our society is by and large still assessing the viability of this technology, how to apply it safely and where it might have the most impact, there is little doubt AVs will play a significant role in the future.

Agencies and cities that get ahead of the game and plan early will harness AVs for the benefit of their customers and their community. Those that sit on the sidelines and watch as the technology rolls out, will not only risk missing an opportunity for improved service, but also be unprepared for new challenges that surface over time. Some agencies have done well to get ahead of things, exploring AV options and running pilots — while some have even committed to integrating AVs into their system long term.

Where an agency is on the AV learning curve now will depend on its geography, resources, size, and service needs. That said, it is something every agency needs to be thinking about. Here are four questions every transit agency should be asking itself now, so that it can start planning an AV-ready future.

Read the full article in METRO Magazine.

This article was originally published in the May/June 2021 issue of METRO Magazine.

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