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AWWA’s 2024 Annual Conference & Expo – Stantec Presentation Schedule

May 08, 2024

Transforming our water future—one project at a time

June 10-13, 2024
Anaheim, California

This year’s American Water Works Association’s #ACE24 will highlight and celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Safe Drinking Water Act. Join our team in the heart of Orange County focusing on the challenges and innovations that are moving the industry forward and working to ensure safe and reliable water for all.

Here’s where you can find us:

Tuesday, June 11

3:30 PM – Holistic Approaches to Flood Mitigation Planning and Modeling Under Extreme Events and Climate Impacts (WRF 5084)
Presenter: Summer Bundy

4:00 PM Building Resilient and Sustainable Water Infrastructure in Jackson, MS: Insights from the Project Team
Panel Presenter: Pat Brown, Kristen Whatley

Wednesday, June 12

8:30 AM – Coagulation: Fundamentals of Coagulants, Particles, and NOM
Presenter: David Pernitsky

9:30 AM – Emergence & Feasibility of Water Energy Transfer (WET) Systems
Presenter: Michael Thivierge

9:30 AM – Under Pressure: Design Considerations for PFAS Vessel and Media Specifications
Presenter: Andrew Nishihara

10:30 AM – Tacna, AZ: A Case Study on Improving Water Quality and Resilience for Rural Communities
Presenter: Loren Haug, Sarah Lucere

11:00 AM – Beyond Treatment: Holistic PFAS Implementation Considerations
Presenter: Tyler Hadacek

2:30 PM – South Florida Water Management District LOWRP Aquifer Storage and Recovery Wells: A Project Interview
Presenter: Nycole Sharma

3:00 PM – Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Well Program: Long-Term Pumping Test Results
Presenter: John Wu

3:30 PM – Pure Water Antelope Valley: A Critical Water Supply Project for a Large Disadvantaged Community
Presenter: Kim Pugel

4:00 PM – Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) Wells in Central Florida: Construction and Testing
Presenter: Caroline Smith

Thursday, June 13

8:30 AM – Overcoming Challenges to Replace the City of Lewiston’s WTP
Presenter: Bryan Black

9:30 AM – A Moving Target: PFAS Treatment Residuals Management
Presenter: Liz Garvey

10:00 AM – Agua Pura: Adapting to Climate Change in Northern New Mexico
Presenter: Patricia Bolliger

10:30 AM – Guess What? You are a Project Manager
PresenterMark Graham

10:30 AM – Pipe Loop Studies Identify Corrosivity Impacts of a New Water Source and Possible Mitigation
Poster Presenter: Atosa Vahdati Nikzad

11:45 AM – Water 2050 Ideas into Action: Creating our Water 2050 Future
Presenter: Joe Jacangelo

1:30 PM – A Journey from Boil Water Advisory to Meeting Drinking Water Requirements: The Story of Lynn Lake Water Treatment Plant
Presenter: Saibal Basu

1:30 PM – Small Systems Management Event Track
Moderator: Stephanie Elliott

3:30 PM – Corrosion Control for Groundwaters: A Tale of Two Towns
Presenter: Liz Garvey

4:30 PM – Catalyst or Breaking Point: Dechloramination Decision
Presenters: Andrew Nishihara, Skylar Watnick

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